What Friend’s Remember About You? Part 1

Our Topic today : What Friend’s Remember About You?

Life is too short and too long in some ways. Do you ever wish you could keep in contact with long lost friends or rekindle the friendship you once had with someone?

I ask myself many questions, like the ones above and wonder why people come and go in our lives. Sometimes we let people move on by and others stick with us because we have re-pore with.

Today, I wanted to share with you some tips on how to rekindle lost and long gone friendships.

Sunday is “Spontaneity Day”. You really should give this a go and see the results for yourself. Honestly, I am not a big fan of NRL or any type of football but my husband and his family share this common trait. I know. I know. You may hate something about someone and do not want to do what they’re doing even if it seems crazy.You just have to suck it up and sacrifice your time for someone else’s. If you plan on being spontaneous, you will have to put the belief of “Not wanting to do this” into “I want to do this”.  The results are amazing. I felt more confident, entertaining and life of the party which I am normally not. It is a great change, especially if you want to become a better person in 365 days.
The most important value in life is keeping your family and friends in touch and doing the things they like and being generally interested in what they do or what they love. It will build a better relationship for them and for you!


My best friend, Claire-Bear


On Sunday, we watched the Eel’s play the Tigers – they lost (not the point here guys) but I had fun cheering on the Eel’s and really getting into the moment (even if I do not like the sport). To reflect on what I did and why I did it. The reasons to do things we do not like makes a better and happier person to be around. Generally, people want to hang out with like minded people. If you party with party-goers you are building a common re-pore with some people and plus you get the spontaneity and fun out of the exercise. I do recommend doing something you may not like with a friend and give them a call and touch base with, (even if its just a quick chat). Make arrangements – be on time as it is punctual and sends the message you are keen about their interest(s). Also this action displays interest, loyalty and friendship. You will build a better relationship in putting your guests and/or friends first and ensuring they have a fantastic time.

* This is the key to success in winning and influencing people to your way of thinking and activity.

We will continue in Part 2 “What Friend’s Remember About You? Part 2”