Think like a minimalist: What “essentials” would you pack for a week-long vacation?

About two weeks ago a friend from Britain called me, informing me that she was coming to the Gold Coast for a week.

Do you find yourself stuffing extra clothes in you don't need? I know I do!

When I first saw her swinging her luggage I immediately got the feeling that there was something wrong with this picture. She had no suitcase! All she had was bulky beige purse with a long strap, which was hanging from her shoulder. I said, “Oh My Gosh, girlfriend where’s your luggage?”

When I asked her where her luggage was, she just smiled at me and said that she had everything she needed with her. “Everything” included some  under ware, 2 t-shirts, 1 pair of shorts, a shawl, a swimsuit, a pair of slippers, a toothbrush, a mouse pad (a souvenir from Britain for me), some make-up and a camera.
Impressively enough my friend stayed with me the whole week and never once did I hear her say, “I wish I had brought another t-shirt with me “or “Why didn’t I pack an extra pair of shoes?”
It got me thinking, how much I actually over pack every time I travel somewhere (even if it is just for a week end) and how simpler and less stressful my trips would be if I packed in a minimalist way (no more struggles with heavy suitcases, no worries about leaving something behind, no need to spend hours packing).What do you think? Are you a minimalist traveler or someone, who prefers to take an extra sweater ‘just in case’?
Are you capable of living out of one carry-on suitcase for an entire vacation?

What absolute essentials would you take with you for a one week trip?
Share your list of bare necessities that you would take with you in the comment section below!