My Personal Book Recommendation: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Quote: This remarkable book has already helped readers the world over achieve the seemingly impossible just by

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind - Dr. Joseph Murphy

learning how to bring the incredible force of the subconscious under their control. Now you, too, can learn these powerful techniques for changing your life simply by changing your beliefs.

Dr. Joseph Murphy combines time-honored spiritual wisdom with cutting-edge scientific research to explain the influence of the subconscious mind on everything you do. And he presents simple, practical, and proven-effective exercises that can turn your mind into a powerful tool for improving your everyday life. Filled with inspiring real-life success stories, this invaluable user guide to your mind will unlock the secrets to success in whatever endeavor you choose.

Inside you can discover how to use the subconscious mind to:

* Increase health and even cure the body of many common ailments
* Get the promotion you want, the raise you need, the recognition you deserve
* Build the confidence to do the things you never dared, but always wanted and to do in life?
* Develop friendships and enhance existing relationships with co-workers, family, and friends
* Strengthen your marriage or primary love relationship
* Overcome phobias, compulsions, and bad habits
* Learn the secret of internal youth and much, much more!

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I have seen miracles happen to men and women in all walks of life all over the world. Dr. Joseph Murphy. At last, a great new scientific discovery brings the incredible force of your subconscious mind under your control. Here are the simple, scientifically proven techniques and the astonishing facts about how your subconscious powers can perform miracles of healing.

– How lung cancer has been cured and optic nerves made whole again.

– How you can use the newly discovered Law of Attraction to increase your money-getting powers.

– How your subconscious mind can win you friends, peace of mind, and even help you to attract the ideal mate.

– How your dreams can help you solve problems and make difficult decisions and/or warn you of potential disaster. * Prosperity, happiness and perfect health are yours when you use The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind. -This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

What I thought about the book..

It Works, when you apply yourself correctly and use the techniques because you will become the student. Then you will become the teacher…

Having received bunch of emails from people who have read this book, but still had difficulty applying the principles in this, I felt compelled to share few ideas.

First, the principles in this book are correct and they work if you apply them. The book is about using the power of your subconscious mind. As I read over some previous reviews about this book, I noticed that some people stumbled upon the language and pointed out that one should read “As A Man Thinketh” (yes, it is a good book to read), and made a reference to “as you think in your HEART” – not mind. Another name for the SUBCONSCIOUS is HEART of the MIND, because SUBCONSCIOUS MIND is the REALM OF EMOTIONS.

Some people also erroneously think that the subconscious mind is in one’s head, it isn’t. It is not even confined to your physical body, but permeates it. Your physical body is IN your MIND. Another way to describe the subconscious may be to refer to it as your “energy field” (that may be somewhat more modern “language”). Do not get stuck to words and labels, though. They are merely useful to help describe things – they are not the experience itself.

To use self-hypnosis successfully, to use the power of your mind successfully, it is not enough to just repeat the words mechanically (although, with a lot of repetition, they too will be impressed upon your subconscious mind), but you must also use your feelings – EXPERIENCING the outcome you desire AS IF it were REAL for you now – subjectively.

The term subconscious mind is used to refer to your own individual storehouse of knowledge and memories. The term “super-conscious”, or “universal mind”, “God”, and sometimes in hypnosis the term “unconscious” are used to refer to the infinite storehouse of knowledge, which you access through your subconscious mind.

There is ONLY ONE Mind, but for the convenience we have divided it linguistically into three minds, according to its functions – conscious, subconscious and super-conscious. You can imagine that there is one door standing between your conscious and subconscious mind and another between your subconscious and super-conscious. You access both your subconscious and super-conscious by getting the critical faculty of your conscious mind out of the way and the easiest way to do this is by fully engaging your imagination and your emotions.

Because you access your subconscious and super-conscious mind in the same way, people sometimes just use the term “subconscious” to refer to both functions. Instead of using the world super-conscious, Murphy sometimes uses he word “God” – which I like, but some people feel very uncomfortable with due to their religious upbringing or lack of understanding and direct experience (A Course in Miracles is one books that may help in that respect).

Your conscious mind is that part of your mind that judges things and contemplates whether you can or cannot do something. It compares things and when you attempt to use your conscious mind and work on some goal, it may pop up with all the reasons why something may not be possible for you to do. Your subconscious mind goes for DIRECT EXPERIENCE. It doesn’t judge whether something is possible or impossible, good or bad – it merely ACCEPTS as true and real whatever you EXPERIENCE as REAL subjectively.

When you pick a goal to work on with your subconscious, make sure that it is something that is BELIEVABLE to you. Whatever ideas you desire to impress upon your subconscious mind will work in conjunction with that which is already in your subconscious mind – so if the ideas and beliefs which are currently in your subconscious are in conflict with your desired goal, it will take you a long time to experience the desired results. If you begin with things you are willing to accept as possible for you, you’ll get much faster results and you’ll also condition your mind for success and to the world of many new wonderful possibilities.

Also, keep in mind, that you are in one way or another programming your subconscious mind with every thought you think. So, if you are using self-hypnosis to help you create greater abundance and you are working on your goal for half an hour a day, then you spend the other 23 hours contemplating how you don’t have money to pay the bills, you’re just undoing all that work you invested in self-hypnosis. Once you are done with your mind-programming, whenever you think of your goal, you’ll make it happen much faster if you spend time expecting the positive outcome and giving thanks that what you desire is already yours, or at least that it is on its merry way to you.

This lovely book teaches you how to use the power of your mind in many different areas in your life. It also provides examples from the lives of others who have successfully used the power of their mind to overcome numerous obstacles and create what their hearts desired. This little stories may serve you as an inspiration until you have an assortment of your own success stories to tell – and if you genuinely apply the principles in this book, you’ll have many great stories of your own.

Thank you for reading my post here and you are enjoying reading them, because I enjoy sharing to you.



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