How to start thinking more outside the box.

In today’s society it is hard to think outside the box. We’re told to fit in, to work a 9 to 5  JOB, to get an EDUCATION…it’s hard to think outside what society says we should be.. say and do… learn how to be more creative and think outside the
Think outside the box. Be creative.
Think outside the box. Be creative.
You should begin here with these instructions:
  1. I’ve always been a loner. If someone told me the sky was red, I’d be like yeah right it’s purple. I thrive on being different. But not everyone is like me, so here are some tips to get you more creative and to be more outside the box.
  2. When thinking of ideas whether for marketing or writing an article, brainstorm. You’ll be amazed about all the ideas and things you’ll come up with. Brainstorming is just jotting words or ideas down on a piece of paper as quickly as you can. Anything goes, no idea is wrong. You can do this individually or in a group. Just remember say nothing negative, every idea is encouraged.
  3. Once you have a list, you can narrow down what works for you, and go from there. Other ways to be creative, read, people watch, look at fashion. So many people are afraid to take chances and almost want to blend in. I’ve always been about sending out and being a little different. I’d rather be known as the crazy girl than the boring one.
  4. Speak up. If you have ideas about work, or ways you can improve things, speak up. A boss likes nothing more than a proactive worker. But you can’t just complain, you also need to give suggestions on how to improve the situation.
  5. Go to sleep on it. Often when I have problems, I just say in my head help me have an answer, and I go to sleep. often I’ll wake up in the night with my answer, or have one in the morning. The more creative you are, the easier it’ll come for you. Remember to believe in yourself and good things will happen.
  6. I recommend doing all of these steps and practice them continually because “Perfect Practice, is Perfect Practice.”

My personal recommendations to help serve you to think outside the box, check out these (below) because the information in the material will help you create your universal, take control of your life and make your life creative. It has for me and I wish to share this with you.

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Kindest, Ezzy 😛