Did You Ever Have an Encounter With a Stranger That Somehow Changed Your Life?

Did You Ever Have an Encounter With a Stranger That Somehow Changed Your Life?

conversation on the plane 300x199 Did You Ever Have an Encounter  With a Stranger That Somehow Changed Your Life?Talking to strangers was something I’ve never had a problem with. Or to be more specific, most people never had a problem of striking up a conversation with me.
I didn’t expect a valuable lesson in one of these encounters, and in the strangest way possible. In one of my flights, there was a man by the window, reading a book. I sat by the aisle and between us was a really old, frail looking woman. Even before the plane took off, the old lady was cheerfully sharing stuff with me – her chiropractor expenses, successful kids and how she hates rap music.
I learned about her past profession, interests in gardening and cats, even the late husband – God bless his drunken soul, she said. The conversation gave me a good feel.
Finally, halfway to the eight-hour flight, she dozed off and I asked for a blanket to cover her. That was when I noticed the good looking man by the window. He put down his book, gave me a smile and said, “Your parents must be very proud of you.” He had a wonderful voice, but I didn’t get what he meant. “You took care of a total stranger.”
“We were just talking,” I mumbled back.
“No, you didn’t talk much. You listened to her…  And she may not say thanks at all,” the man said to me. “But definitely, you have made her feel very special. Just by listening.”
This was a lovely surprise. And a realization. I couldn’t wait to get home. How long has it been that I listened to my mother! I’ve always been wrapped up in talking about my life, my career, the places I’ve been to, the places I will go to. I forgot there was a special person who I need to hear as well.
I never got the man’s name. But I did get his point.
It’s true, really, that some of the best lessons are taught to us by someone we don’t know at all.
What do you think?

Did you ever have an encounter with a stranger that somehow changed your view on something important? Please share your experience in a comment section below!