My Personal Book Recommendation: The Power of Concentration – Theron Dumont

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The Power of Concentration by Theron Dumont

To make a success of anything you must be able to concentrate your entire thought upon the idea you are working out, posits the author.

Basis of my Success 5 Customer Reviews:

I found this book 40 years ago when I was a struggling teenager. Today I am a sucessful multi-millionaire.  If you are ready, this book is a roadmap to developing your powers. Best of all it gave me reasons, visions and understanding of what I was capable of, and exercises that developed my skills.  I recorded my notes on a cassette and listened over and over until I began to believe and achieve.  Today I was searching for a gift for my struggling grandson when the name I remember most as helping me over the top came to mind. Thank you Thermon Q Dumont.

Teaches the importance of concentration for personal and business success4
You all know times when you’ve thought of a great idea that you abandoned after you allowed negative thoughts to tear it to shreds. Or perhaps you began an important task but didn’t complete it because you just couldn’t keep focused. Maybe you’ve found it difficult succeeding in business or advancing in your career because of indecision, timidity, or lack of mental poise.

Dumont writes that the three reasons you cannot concentrate are:

1) Deficiency of the motor centers;

2) An impulsive and emotional mind; and

3) An untrained mind. He teaches why concentration is so important and provides several exercises in improving concentration and will power.

“Success is assured when you are able to concentrate for you are then able to utilize for your good all constructive thoughts and shut out all destructive ones. It is of the greatest value to be able to think only that which will be beneficial.”

The chapters are:

1. Concentration Finds the Way
2. The Self-Mastery: Self-Directing Power of Concentration
3. How to Gain what You Want through Concentration
4. Concentration: The Silent Force that Produces Results in All Business
5. How Concentrated Thought Links All Humanity Together
6. The Training of the Will to Do
7. The Concentrated Mental Demand
8. Concentration Gives Mental Poise
9. Concentration Can Overcome Bad Habits
10. Business Results Gained through Concentration
11. Concentrate on Courage
12. Concentrate on Wealth
13. You Can Concentrate, But Will You?
14. Art of Concentrating with Practical Exercise
15. Concentrate So You Will Not Forget
16. How Concentration Can Fulfill Your Desire
17. Ideals Develop by Concentration
18. Mental Control Through Concentration
19. Concentrated Will Development
20. Concentration Reviewed

Amazing innovative thought and clarity5 Customer Reviews:
This book outdoes several others I’ve read by leading authors (which I will not name). For nonfiction to grab me like this is incredible. That concentration accomplishes so much more than I ever suspected is a big surprise to me. Theron’s approach would appeal to actors, leaders of any variety, spiritualists, psychologists and students, physicians, and anyone who seeks the path to intensive self-improvement.

But its title simplifies its scope, which encompasses poise, dynamism, leadership, mental power, and on and on. I believe this author has surpassed these other famous current authors, and because of his time period, I feel that he must have been enlightened.

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