5 Great Reasons on Having a Mentor In Your Life

5 Great Reasons on Having a Mentor In Your Life…

Anthony Robbins

If you look around, you will notice that every successful figure we know have a mentor. In fact, every successful person

in the world has someone he can confide with during tough times. Though success is mainly a personal effort, it is no denying that a mentor, a coach or someone who is more experienced than you, plays an important role in your success.

Many people today never seem to realize the importance and value of having a mentor. In fact, the failure of many people in their business endeavors can be attributed to a lack of guidance from people who had been successful in business. As a mentor, he or she can give you valuable insights based on his personal experience. A mentor’s wisdom can make a difference in helping you become successful in your business. What I will be sharing below are five good reasons why having a mentor is important if you want to succeed in business.

Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver

A mentor can give you encouragement. The word of encouragement from your mentor can make a difference. A simple word of encouragement can reignite the power within you to rise up and defeat the negative feeling that is pulling you down. In business, you fiercest enemy is not your competitors, but yourself, when you are discouraged. A good mentor can turn the table around by motivating you so that you will realign yourself into the right path. They have the ability to see things in a wider perspective because they were once like you.

A mentor can help you reduce mistakes. In business or even in life, there are only two ways to gain wisdom: learn from your mistakes or learn from others’ failures. What is amazing about having a mentor is that you do not need to fail to learn and gain wisdom. A good mentor will show you that his failures are enough for you to avoid mistakes. However, it takes a lot of introspection on your part to fully absorb the depth of failure.

A mentor can help you eliminate your weaknesses. The toughest part of mentoring is when a mentor attempts to cut off bad habits that could have negative influence on your business. In fact, it is never an easy job telling people about their weaknesses nor is it easy for someone to just surrender himself and admit his weaknesses. In all cases, mentoring is not an easy job because people may become offended and are likely not to like their mentors. Your friends will see who you are, a product of your past, but your mentor sees a different you, a person that will become a success. This is only possible, though, when you have fully removed your weaknesses and have decided to step up to the challenge and become a success.

A mentor can bring out the best in you. This is the primary goal of every mentor: to unravel your full potentials. Every person has a potential to become the person he dreams to be, but it takes a lifetime to train somebody to unravel someone’s potentials. A good mentor is the right person who can transform you to be the best person in your field, in business and in life. He has the ability to unlock your talents and skills and convert them into essential qualities necessary in life and in business.

A mentor is not afraid to tell you the truth. One of the hardest aspects of mentoring is telling the truth because  it may hurt the individual that is being mentored. For the most part, we always want to hear good things, but a mentor will tell you things that are not so pleasing to hear. If your friends are used to telling you good things just to please you, your mentor will be honest with you and tell you the reality of things. As a learner, it is important that a not-so-pleasing truth is better than a lifetime of regrets.

It is not easy to be a mentor nor is it easy to be mentored. But the greatest benefit of having a mentor is the good chance of success in whatever endeavor you have in life, especially in business. To learn more about the secrets of mentoring or how to become an effective mentor, please visit me at https://becomeabetteruin365days.wordpress.com/ See you there!

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