Inspire Wellness and Motivation in Others

Inspire Wellness and Motivation in Others

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Watching people you love make unhealthy and hurtful lifestyle choices can be hard to bear. You may envision yourself helping your loved one feel motivated and empowered to change their negative behavior into something more positive. Regardless, motivation to change must come from within an individual, not from outside sources. Often pushing someone to change can be detrimental to reaching the end goal of inspiring wellness and can actually backfire, causing someone to cling to their bad habits out of resentment. Of course, this shouldn’t stop you from trying to help those you care for. It simply means that you need to develop methods to inspire your loved one to choose to make healthier lifestyle decisions.

In order to help individuals to make productive lifestyle choices, you should concentrate on encouraging them. Changes are much easier to accomplish when people are excited about the process.
There are many ways you can motivate the loved ones in your life:

Take Time to Listen: We are prone to dishing out advice and talking about our own experiences, but sometimes you need to stop talking and listen to what is being said. Arguing and verbally “pushing” your friend to adopt new practices is likely to leave them feeling isolated and bitter. If you allow them the opportunity to discuss their point of view, listen attentively, and offer encouragement, you may find your loved one coming to the same conclusions and changes you would have advocated.

Be A Leader: The best way to convince someone to adopt a healthier lifestyle is to show them the benefits. Use yourself as an example. When you can show people the positive effects a healthy lifestyle is having on your well-being, they will be more likely to follow your lead and make healthier choices as well.

Be sure to share your experiences with overcoming hardships if you witness your loved ones struggling with the same difficulties. Individuals are more likely to feel empowered to keep pressing forward when they know others have triumphed over similar situations. Remember there are many ways to overcome an obstacle and your friend may not chose the same path that you did. Let them find their own way of confronting the problem and avoid telling the person how he or she should do it.

Have fun: If you can’t enjoy what you’re doing, you’re not likely to keep it up very long. Making the new healthy choices as fun and enjoyable as possibly will go a long way in insuring your love one will want to continue pursuing positive lifestyle decisions. When you set an example and look like you’re having fun while doing it, your loved ones are more likely to want to join you.

Making healthy lifestyle choices can be a deeply gratifying experiences. Most people tend to feel good about making good choices, leading to a cycle of positive choices and positive feelings.


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