Procrastination. Why You Do it, What to Do About It NOW.

Procrastination: Why You Do it, What to Do About it Now

Procrastination. Why You Do it, What to Do About It NOW.

With over 150,000 copies sold, I thought what the heck I may as well buy a copy and start ready if it’s so good…

When I collected my copy from the postman, I thought “yes just another book to add to my bookshelf” and I can tell you now, I am sorely mistaken. Now, I am thinking “maybe I should have gotten this book earlier when I first started a home business nearly three or four-year ago.” Absolutely,  I am kicking myself that I did not grab a copy eariler as Procrastination by Jane B. Burks, PhD & Lenora M. Yuen, PhD is a winner.

Procrastination identifies and examines the reasons we put off tasks in the first place – fears of failure, success, control, separation, and attachment, as well as our concept of time and the neuroscience of our brainProcrastination lays an essential groundwork for learning how to understand the impulse to delay and how to take action in new ways.  Its practical, tested program designed to overcome procrastination by achieving goals, managing your time, enlisting support, and handling with stresses. It does take into account the demands of our accelerated, 24/7 culture, as well as the impact of such Neuro-cognitive conditions as ADHD and executive dysfunction. It even provides helpful tips on living and working with the other procrastinators you may know.

Quote: “Procrastination is like a dandelion. You pull it up and think you’ve got it, but then it turns out the roots are so deep, it just grows back.” ” The emotional roots of procrastination involve inner feelings, fears, hopes, memories, dreams, doubts, and pressures. But many people procrastinators don’t recognise all that’s going on under the surface, because they use procrastination to avoid comfortable feelings.” If you are reading this and thinking, “yes this is me”. Why not grab yourself this book Procrastination and read it has it may help you overcome procrastination and help encourage your own success’ in life.

Conclusion: Wise, effective and easy-to-use, Procrastination is an immediate must-have for anyone who wants to avoid putting off until tomorrow. Don’t postpone reading it today!

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