Anger Management Therapy. Ways to Use it Everyday!

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Anger Management Therapy. Ways to Use it Everyday!

Anger is a feeling that rises when people believe that they have been deliberately wronged, thwarted or provoked. Like many other negative feelings such as anxiety, distress and jealousy, it badly affects the emotional, cognitive and physiological systems. When people feel angry they become single minded and focused on the provocateur. Quite often the feeling of anger tends to be exaggerated.

There are people who by their nature remain angry, as against those who remain calm, smiling and happy. Such persons just gloat and wallow about in their anger. They wear a frown on their faces like they wear their clothes. Anger is a part of their make up, a way to impress or intimidate others. They always keep finding faults with others. Scoffing and yelling makes them feel important and high brow.

Impotent anger causes great distress, akin to a degenerated form of stress. Pent up anger, continuous fretting and frowning may cause several health problems such as

If you tend to be angry at small provocations – or even without any – and remain irritated all the time, it is time to introspect and do something about controlling your anger in a reasonable way, rather than suppressing it outright.

Controlling Anger by Self Effort

One way to reduce your anger is to look into its cause. You should thinking “Is it worthwhile to make myself angry and sick just because another person is ill-natured enough to provoke me? Does it mean I can allow myself to be aggravated by others?” Taking the logic further: are you so weak that anyone can hurt you by making you angry? Would you feel angry if a really insane man fit for a lunatic asylum shouted at you?

Yet another effective strategy to fight the menace of anger is to think about the nature of your original fundamental being. Who are you exactly?

The answer is that you are a soul working through the organs of your body. The basic nature of soul is to always remain calm and blissful against all odds. If you allow yourself to be carried away by anger or other similar vices and weaknesses, you are abdicating the state of your original being. A person who acts in a state of soul consciousness never makes mistakes; a body or ego conscious person can.

It is possible that a person may have hurt or insulted you without any provocation. Perhaps it would be wiser if you thought coolly about making your next move? Any plan made in a fit of anger can misfire. Effective strategies, even in crucial times of war, can be built only in a calm and cool state of mind.

Some people suggest that you can divert your mind from anger by:

  • hitting the pillow,
  • counting up to ten, or
  • taking deep breaths, and so on.

These activities do not actually address the fundamental causes of anger. They may calm you down for a short while, but the source of anger may appear again.

Just becoming alert whenever a provocative situation arises helps a lot in controlling the anger. However, in case you think that you cannot do anything to control your frequent bouts of anger despite your best efforts, your anger may have degenerated into a clinical disorder requiring the attention of an anger therapist or a psychiatrist.

A psychiatrist may resort both to counseling and medication to control your anger. Anger therapy may involve the use of certain specialized techniques.

Ultimately, the decisions are yours and yours alone to decide. Only you can decide what is best for you as you are in this life and you are in control of EVERYTHING YOU DO.


2 thoughts on “Anger Management Therapy. Ways to Use it Everyday!

  1. whaaattt?!
    i am in control of everything i do?!
    of course not! it’s his, hers and their fault!!
    just my way of saying, you got it so right Ezzy
    i’m in control.
    have a nice day!

  2. I think anger (in my case) has something to do with sensitivity(talk about insensitive people who are tactless in a mean way). I easily get hurt and the usual response is anger. I defend myself, get back at them and make them feel the way I did(not in extremely extreme ways though). Sarcasm would do(usually does for me)..:D
    Sometimes, I also lose respect for that person. That’s depending on the amount of hurt they caused.

    just a thought… great post! 🙂

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