Rebel with a Cause: Marketing Tips to turn it Around!


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Rebel with a cause: marketing tips to turn it around

by Editor — ISSUE 42 — SEP/OCT 2009

Bigger risks bring greater rewards in marketing as well as business, as author Mal Emery explains

Rebel with a cause: marketing tips to turn it around  

Tiny tweaks to your marketing and promotion can make a world of difference to your results. The following are five ‘no brainer’ rebellious marketing tips and strategies. If you apply just a few of them you will put your money metabolism on steroids.

1. Spend one hour a day in concentrated thought on all the ways to build your business

That’s 365 focused hours of nothing but thinking and dreaming creatively and strategically! One hour a day of doing nothing but focusing on how to build your business will help you dominate your market and destroy your competition.

That’s almost two extremely productive weeks of the year doing nothing but planning, plotting and scheming on growing your business or prospective business.

2. Direct response marketing takes a day to learn and a lifetime to master – if ever

There are so many variables – and few absolutes. The master is continually learning, growing, adapting and taking his or her skills to a higher level.

It’s better to know some of the questions than all of the answers. Most people are paralyzed into thinking they need to have the answer to everything before they do something, when in reality you can only measure results based on something you do. So go do something – now.

3. Questions lead to better questions – which lead to the most powerful answers

The right questions lead to the right answers, but the reality is most of the population ask none. Most of the rest ask the wrong questions. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I think this is the most important thing that has served me best in my business life – asking the right questions.

Want better answers? Then ask more questions and stay curious.

4. The easiest thing someone can do is stand on the sidelines and argue for the safe and conservative option

Like most things in life, it’s generally the opposite of what everyone else is doing that is the most profitable. So look in your category and do the opposite of everyone else.

I think it was Earl Nightingale that said, “If you can’t find a valid model for success in your category, then look at what everyone else is doing and do the opposite”. It is so true.

Doing what everyone else does in your category is what I call incestuous marketing, where everybody else looks at each other and does the same. Trouble is, after a while, it begins to look like real incest and everyone just gets dumber and dumber.

It takes a hell of a lot more courage to step out and try new things. But this is the only way to build your business. You must be bold because the rewards are big.

When Donald Trump built a golf course in New York, he spent $7,000,000 alone on the 13th hole. Of course, some people thought he was crazy because that’s more than it cost to build some entire golf courses. However the excitement of having a hole with a massive waterfall on it was broadcast all over America. Not only that, the joining fee was $300,000 and I believe there is a waiting list. It’s also popular for photo shoots for magazines. What value can you really place on such a tactic? It’s endless.

Donald Trump knows and applies a strategy of doing the opposite of your competitors and another enormously powerful tactic and strategy of “don’t worry about what it costs you, only concern yourself with what it will make you”. Nearly everybody thinks the opposite and never gets to the level of success the likes of Trump has achieved.

When he built one of his skyscrapers in New York, one of the recommendations was to build a massive stainless steel statue of a world globe, seemingly spinning on its axis out the front of his building, at a cost of millions. This was to improve the flow of chi and the likely success of the venture. Again, he was laughed at and again I can report first hand having visited the building that it’s become an icon for tourists and magazines alike on the New York landscape.

5. Test small – but aggressively

You can lose money on nine out of 10 of your tests and still make millions by rolling out your one winner. You’ll never find your greatest winners without aggressive testing.


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