Jamie Oliver’s Kitchen Garden..

Situated within a stones throw from his house in Essex, Jamie’s kitchen garden has over 50 vegetables and herbs growing in it. Jamie loves wandering into the garden to pick his own produce to cook with. Right now, he’s growing fresh lettuce, peas, broad beans, tomatoes, potatoes and also many varieties of fruit. I had the pleasure of being taken on a tour of the kitchen garden by Pete Wrapson, Jamie’s gardener. This is not the first time that I have seen the garden but it was the first time that I was given a lesson on what is grown there.

Vicia faba and lettuce
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The lettuce beds were full of 7 or 8 lettuce varieties – cos, little gem, oak leaf, lollo rosa, Batavia and butter head. There is even a “cut and come again” area where you can pick mustard, pak choi, mizuna, salad and wild rocket and oak leaf lettuce. There are many varieties of fruit growing in the garden as well including blueberries, strawberries, black currents, red currents, white currents, plums, apples, pears, gooseberries. Pete is even growing goji berries.

Pete says that this is an ideal kitchen garden as it is completely sheltered from the wind by a wall, and yet it’s still bathed in sunlight. On the tour I learnt something new as Pete was telling me that broad bean leaves are lovely when thrown into an Asian stir fry. In the “Jamie at Home” book and TV series Jamie showed us the joys of growing, cooking and eating good food that was from his home and on the tour of the kitchen garden I really did get to experience some of this joy as well.

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