Simple Green Side Salad made Easy.

simple green side salad

starter | serves Serves 2


* ½ a fennel bulb
* a handful of rocket
* a handful of dandelion leaves
* a handful of watercress
* a handful of baby chard
* 4 spears of asparagus
* a handful of fresh chervil or parsley leaves
* 1 x lemon oil or creamy French dressing

Above is an example of what you can do with any basic ingredient and turn it into a beautifully yummy recipe.


Trim the fennel bulb, reserving the herby tops, and finely slice it. Wash and dry your rocket, dandelion, watercress and baby chard leaves. Snap the woody ends off the asparagus spears (they will break naturally at exactly the right point) and discard them. Holding the base of the asparagus, finely slice each spear with a speed peeler into thin slivers.

Put the asparagus shavings in a bowl with the sliced fennel, the reserved fennel tops and all the salad leaves and herbs. Add some of your favourite dressing and toss together well so everything gets coated – that’s it; fancy but easy! Here is the recipe for creamy French dressing.

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