The Magic Ladder to Success

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Human power is organized and intelligently directed energy, as represented by facts, intelligence, and the faculties through which the human mind operates. Power comes through real education!  No person is educated who has not learned to organize, classify, and intelligently direct the faculties of his mind to a definite end.  No person is educated who has not learned to separate facts from mere information, weaving the facts into an organized plan of action, with a definite objective in view.  –  Napoleon Hill, “The Magic Ladder to Success” (Napoleon Hill’s Magazine, April 1921)

I really enjoy studying works by Napoleon Hill.  I know – some of it (including today’s addition to Self-Help Books) is 90 years young.  Think and Grow Rich was first published 73 years ago.  Yet, there is something so timeless about Hill’s classic Success Manuals.

In today’s world, where much, if not most, of our information is obtained via the Internet, I find so much lacking in the communicated message.  For me, a 500-word robot post on an autoblog is not capable of providing anything substantive, meaningful and practical.  Indeed, the basis for so much of these graveyard sites is not to provide information, but rather to use snipets of information to attract some level of traffic to the site for advertising purposes.

Napoleon Hill’s works, on the other hand, are at the opposite end of the spectrum.  His deep, thorough analysis of the fundamentals of attaining Success, Wealth and Prosperity are as sound today as they were when originally written.  Consider the 12,000 men and women he studied just for “The Magic Ladder to Success” – the subject of today’s post.  The great thing about Napoleon Hill is that he already did all of the work for us so we don’t have to spend the next 20 years engaging is such an evolved project.  What a treasure trove of useful information!

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The key to gaining the most out of any of Napoleon Hill’s works is to never, never simply read the book and then return it to the bookshelf to collect dust.  Hill’s books, articles and essays are true working Success Manuals to be studied in continuum, consulted consistently, and actively implemented into daily life.  Yes, we MUST put Hill’s concepts into action; otherwise, his efforts are of no use.

You are welcome to grab a copy: The Magic Ladder to Success, By Napoleon Hill –  Enjoy!

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