What Led You to a Major Change that You Have Greater Self-Belief?



What Led You to a Major Change that You Have Greater Self-Belief?

I had always been scared of living alone. I could not stand the quiet, nor the idea of being all by myself in a room or apartment, even eating out on my own was scary. Growing up, I always had my siblings and shared a room with them, and even when I finally started working, I still shared an apartment with my cousin until she moved to another city.

As I was bent on finding company, my cousin kidded that I should just keep the apartment all to myself and be on my own. “Why don’t you try it? You are not scared, are you?” To me, this came both as a challenge and as a joke, knowing very well I had not tried it before.

After much thought and financial considerations, I did as she said and that started the unending lessons in life. From getting things in order, to learning how to cook, to having independence and total freedom with decorations and arrangements. Later I found that with quiet surroundings and with no one to talk to, I actually experienced a different kind of peace. Solitude had its benefits too!

Since then I have learned to do a lot of things without being scared, like cooking a 3-course meal for 10 people (before this my brightest culinary achievement had been French toast), sleeping in a big house, and traveling on my own.

Have you had a similar experience?

What was the major “switch” in your life that led you to have greater self-belief?

Share your experience below!


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  1. I think you have a great blog and like how you approach your subject. A lot of us have a habit of making the simple complex and I like your philosophy of keeping things simple.


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