Your Week’s Challenge is All about Water…

This week’s diet challenge is all about Water. The truth is most of us are not drinking nearly enough water. The super intense workouts that we do here on the site speeds up water loss – this should make drinking water a priority for all of us BodyRockers.

To recap high school science class, water makes up just about 60% of our total bodyweight. All of those great looking lean muscles that make us so strong actually contain 75% water. That blood surging through your body while you do burpees contains close to 83% water. Water is absolutely essential to life and proper hydration is vital for space travel (just kidding and seeing if you guys are paying attention). Seriously tho, getting enough water in your system is vital for your health and the overall performance of your body.

Don’t wait until you are thirsty. If you are waiting for this signal from your body, chances are that you are already heading towards dehydration.

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