Butt and Fat Loss – Beating our Personal Bests!


It’s Friday which means that it’s time for the last workout of the week. Today we are going back in time and doing a workout from January 2010 – Freddy and I were living in Malta at that time and as you can see in the video I was blonde 🙂

I am pretty proud of the workouts and challenges that we did this week – we really hit our butts and lower bodies hard, as well as focusing on fat burning. It was nice to balance things out with the walking challenge yesterday and it also gave Freddy and I a chance to share some pictures of Prague with you.

To see the Video –> click here

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Workout Breakdown

Time: ?min| Workout Type: Time Challenge | Exercises: 3
  • Side Jump Lunge30 reps
  • One Leg Squat5 reps on each leg
  • Skipping with Jump rope100 reps


I did 6 rounds of the following exercises in 19 minutes and 9 seconds the first time I did this workout and today I managed to complete this routine in 15 minutes and 20 seconds – YES! 🙂  I was using my Interval Timer as a stop watch and my jump rope.

1. Side Jump Lunge – 30 reps (each jump counts as 1 rep)

2. Pistols – 5 reps on each leg

3. Jump rope skipping – 25 skips with feet together, pause, 25 skips alternating legs (jogging), pause, 25 reps feet together, pause, and last 25 reps of jogging. So all together you will do 100 skips. It is important that you put as much energy as possible into each set and then pause for just few seconds to reset for another 25 reps.

ENJOY. Don’t forget to add your results below.