3 Positive Benefits to Improve Your Posture Looks

When you were growing up, did your mother constantly urge you to stand up straighter? Although many children ignore their mother’s advice, it turns out that good posture can improve your appearance and your health. Life-long slouches should take note of the many benefits that good posture provides.

Good Posture Improves Looks and Health talks about your posture, your looks and your health. Everything is connected, whether its your mental health to your physical health.  I know visiting the Chiropractor does benefit your health as I suffered from chronic neck pain and very frequent headaches, which would leave me – if on a bad day with at least a week off work. (You can review the article at BodyProject.com.auGood Posture Improves Looks and Health). Though, there are preventives you can use to promote good health and learn the triggers of headaches.  Generally preventives are in your environment everyday without you realizing it such as buying the plant lemon balm and have it grow on your kitchen window and say goodbye to soft-drinks.

I recommend having a read because it does shed some light onto the topic of good posture and good health, though this is just part of the mystery of long life and good health. Here is what the article covers – just briefly:

Posture Benefit #1: Healthier Looks

Posture Benefit #2: Chiropractic Strength

Posture Benefit #3: Healthier Organs

I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic and what you recommend for good health, posture and good looks.