6 Common Work Habits that Sabotage Your Productivity

We all have our weekday morning routines. You roll into the office a little before 9 am (or a little after, if traffic was really bad), settle in at your desk, maybe grab a cup of coffee around 9:30 or 10, check Twitter and Facebook, and then dive in to your inbox.

And while it’s obvious that your time playing Farmville or reading Kanye’s latest tweet is going to hamper your productivity, you might be surprised to learn what other common work habits can sabotage your productivity.

* Here is the full review – 6 Common Work Habits that Sabotage Your Productivity

The article main focus is on  Checking Your Email Constantly (I sometimes do this, subconsciously), Weekly Scheduling;  Working Late (a common habit, I have); mis-managing your to-do-list; having too much caffeine and lastly munching on your lunch at your desk or office.

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