Jumpstart Your Productivity with 13 Strategies

Looking to increase your productivity? You’ve come to the right article. I don’t claim to be a productivity master (I always think there’s room for improvement), but I am very passionate about increasing productivity. I’m always looking for different ways to be more productive – stealing pockets of time where I can, deprioritizing the unimportant, getting system overhauls, etc. And I love it when I see my efforts pay off in the form of increased outputs at the end of the day.

In this article, I have selected 13 of my best productivity strategies – tried, tested and validated. If you follow all of them to a tee, I can guarantee you that your productivity will double, triple whatever it is right now – or even more. I personally make it a point to follow these steps every day. During the days when I don’t do that, my productivity plummets. The days I do, my productivity soars. The correlation is obvious. I have also compiled a list of the best resources for some of the steps for your further reading.

13 Strategies To Jumpstart Your Productivity – here is a quick overview, but do review the full article.

1. Set your productivity targets

2. Maintain a work environment conducive to productivity

3. Have an organized workspace

4. Put first things first

5. Time box your tasks

6. Use the 80/20 rule

7. Have a separate list for incoming tasks

8. Upgrade your skills

9. Know your motivation triggers

10. Utilize time pockets

11. Hold yourself accountable to your targets

12. Wake up early

13. Remember To Rest

*  Let me know how these 13 strategies work for you. If you have other productivity principles, I’ll love to hear them too. I’ll be happy to discuss them in the comments area.

Thanks xx 🙂