Think outside the Box in 3 Ways


Think outside the Box in 3 Ways

You know now you have to think outside the box right? Your boss tells you this – everyday… Self-help blogs, bestsellers and even your TV, iphone tells you this on a daily-basis. But where are the walls of that box and how do you get yourself outside of it?

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You do it the same way you would learn how to walk. Here are three creativity exercises that will make the habit of brainstorming and will make you think outside the box – always.

One: You may like to look around you and pick a familiar object to you, and study it.  I suggest knowing something about the object so you can brainstorm off the idea. Keep studying it until you have learned more about this object than you did before. You know you can do this with anything, any object of your taste. You could even think of the thickness, perhaps or even how rough the material is or the fact that the world was once flat but now it is round.

This is the what’s and how’s thinking outside the box means, especially when you sit outside of it. The box is what you know.

Okay onto, two: I tried this when I went to church a few times. Pick up a familiar book/brochure or newspaper article, look away or close your eyes, pick a random page, open it and scan your fingers over the page. Stop. Open your eyes and look at what you fingers landed on. If you don’t like the words or the sentences, you can do this again if you like. You will be surprised with what you find as it can be very relative to what you are thinking at the time. Now, get paper, pens or you can type at your laptop/PC, and come up with five to ten ways that this word or sentence relates to your life. It’s like reading your horoscopes. You can even do more if you like!

This little experiment will help you come up with a few items right away and they are probably things that obvious or not, but when you get the end it maybe hard for you. We call that the ‘box’. This is a place that press’s on but you will overcome it with these techniques. Think outside the box – reach out, it’s touchable. You will reach beyond the walls getting ideas and they will come to you easily. You may become Einstein, invent or think of things you never thought possible. Amazing.

You may not come up with 100’s or 1000’s of ideas without some silly ideas here and there but, this is what the exercise is about, having a little fun and being creative. And that’s okay, because the wall of our ‘box’ here is made up of pre-made habits and assumptions of what you believe as right and wrong. To think outside the box, one must start with something, anything that can grow and multiply.

Onto the third suggestion, it may take a little longer than the previous ones, perhaps even ten to twenty minutes. You pick the pace here. Now, you will learn to think outside the box, creating it habit that you will be doing this all time without even knowing – it will help especially if you are searching for more in life. Come up with at least 100 fun things or just things you consider before making a decision – this time think of something you can do – it can be going camping this weekend, or make arrangements to buy a new car or buy a new TV, or perhaps even where you want to party at. I know I have a few ideas already, just thinking about it. What about you?

You should be getting the hang of this with these fun and creative exercises. You can start applying them anything in life and you start putting these exercises towards a particular goal you have mind.  An important decision will be probably easier for you but not essential.

Generally, I think about it each day and apply it to just about everything. It will give you great outlook on any situation or just life in general. I think of it like brainstorming.

You are welcome to break this down into parts so you can do it throughout the day to keep you stimulated, even when you are at work. Enjoy.

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