Do You Feel the Need to Change Something about Your Life Today?

Most of us look back on our lives and realize that we could have done things different or better. Sometimes we may regret not pursuing of changing certain aspects of our life sooner, while other times we wish we would have considered more options before jumping into a marriage or a new job.

iStock 000014081605XSmall 300x199  Do You Feel the Need to Change Something about Your Life Today?

I have often heard my Grandpa say that if life were perfect, there would be no room for any progress and learning. I still kind of wished my life was perfect, but he was right – our challenges and set-backs allow us to grow both mentally and spiritually. They make us stronger, wiser and more tolerant towards our own and other people’s imperfections.

If we are conscious enough we will not dwell on our past failures, but learn from them and concentrate on ‘right now’ – the only moment that we will ever really live in and control.

That is what I invite you to do today!

1. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, mentally distance yourself from all the doubts, past set-backs and self-defied limitations, and answer one question:

What is it that you need to change about your life?

It does not have to be a huge life-altering change. Something simple, like getting rid of the drab hair style or losing a few pounds before the summer holidays, will do just fine.

2. Now think about the first step you can take to make it happen.

Use the comment section below to write down your answers and thoughts! Because every serious change starts with small action and every action always starts with a single thought.