Take It Off Workout!

Take It Off Workout

Hi BodyRockers,

I have also explained how to do an easier variation of each exercise in case that you are just starting with our workouts and don’t have the strength, agility or flexibility to do the exercises the way I do them. Don’t get discouraged and give it a try. Don’t forget that I couldn’t do even one regular push up 3 years ago when we started this blog.


The workout is 12 minute interval training with a lot of skipping and 3 additional exercises. It kinda looks like this:

10 seconds rest, High knees (with or without Jump Rope), 10 seconds rest, Ninja Jump Tuck, 10 seconds rest, Hight Knees, 10 seconds rest, Sandbag Swing, 10 seconds rest, Hight kness, 10 seconds rest and then, V-Lift on the Dip Station. You will go through this circuit 3 times.

Enjoy your workout! To see how its done on Video, check out: WWW.BODYROCK.TV

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