Fifty people. One Simple Question.

Inspirational Video: Fifty people. One Simple Question.

I watched this video and was mesmerized by the people I saw: some of them give you a shy smile, some laugh, some are authentic and goofy, some seem rigid and closed up – but each of them is still sincere and unique in their own way.

We are all so different from one another. Some of us are young, some of us have a look of wisdom about us. Some of us are handsome, others charismatic and funny. Some naïve, some disappointed. Some of us hope for a bright future, others look to the past for their happiest memories. Yet every single one of us has personal dreams and goals that we want to achieve before our time on Earth runs out.

It is very important that we make every day count. That every morning we ask ourselves one question that the 50 random people in this video have been asked, and find an answer to it.

Now I want to ask you, “What would you want to happen by the end of today?

Give it a thought. It is not just wishful thinking. It is a very real creative energy that shapes our reality. The question is what do we want this reality to look like?

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