Run The World Workout

Zuzana doing the workout. See the youtube video below

Hi BodyRockers,

We have been here in West Hollywood for exactly one week. Whenever we move anywhere new, we always experience this sense at first of being completely displaced. However, Zuzana and Freddy have an amazing workout “Run the World Workout” which I fell in love with, even though… I hate exercising, but somehow now I am enjoying the exercise workouts because of Zuzana 🙂

Blessings to her for being such an inspiration and kicking my butt when I needed it (especially when I didn’t want to workout).

I would love to share the workout with you… So here goes!

The workout is broken down into easier intervals which is easily managed especially for someone like me who is a noob when it comes to co-ordination and recording your personal results (lol). 🙂

As follows: Workout Breakdown

Time: 12min.   Workout Type: Interval training   Exercises: 3
  • Backward Lunge/Side Lunge4 minute int. training
  • Crazy Cali Exericse Combomax. sets
  • Side Crunch 4 minute int. training
  • Zuzana has put pictures up for you to check out. Plus, the video is also available to watch and learn.

See the full workout at

* All Credits go to BodyRock, Zuzana and Freddy. Thanks guys. Owe you a hard-ass workout! 🙂

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