Game On! 300 Squats Challenge

Game on. Challenge 300 Reps of Squats.
Today’s challenge: GAME ON! 300 SQUATS CHALLENGE – is super simple but really challenging. Watch the video below for the full explanation of the challenge and to see how to do the exercise with proper form.

See the video –> here!

* If you guys want to shape up your legs, thighs and buns, plus target your core you will absolutely love this challenge.

Zuzana–> I have a special message for new BodyRockers in the video and all of you beginners who are just starting out so check that out.

Check out –>

The Challenge took me 20mins to complete… 300 Squats and counting. Now, I need a cold shower and a massage. I can assure you I am going to be terribly sore tomorrow.  Please share your results and your insights to your workout below. If the article helped you in someway, leave a comment and subscribe to receive more workouts from ‘How to Become a Better You in 365 Days.’

Thank you in abundance xx