5 Week Diet Challenge For Super Hot Body

5 Week Diet Challenge For Super Hot Body

I am so excited to start this new diet challenge with you because I am 100% confident that if you stick to the rules and pair this approach with the workouts that we do on a regular basis, you can transform your body, lose fat, and get a really hot muscle tone fast and in a healthy way. I have already started to follow these basic principles so I hope that you will join me.

This is an example of our lunch yesterday. We had an extra lean beaf with 1 cup of cooked potatoes and carrots with 1 cup of fresh veggies. Freddy had twice as much meat on his plate.

Here is the Full Review, visit: BodyRock.tv Thanks for sticking with us and I will see you guys soon with our new workout.

xx Ezzy 🙂

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