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Namely, a few weeks ago, I decided that it was time to begin actually using Zuzana’s and Freddy’s workouts to help me not only get in shape but help you and share your results and mine… So we have all on place to go and have coffee after our workouts – do you like that idea? I know I would after a ripper of a workout!

Before I was married… I am sure there are many ladies who workout before their wedding to look gorgeous on their day. However, my husband and I were actually bodybuilders – you would have never guess eh? Yes were. The results were amazing but shortly lived due to change of lifestyle and state. We moved. Our lives change. Has yours?

I grew up in the Country and I believe the Country will always follow you no matter where you go – its the heart the determines who you are, not the land but saying so, I live in the City away from the beauty of the outback. Now, I only see the sky-rises, people hustling to get to work, cutting people off on the M1 (hoping it gets them to their destination faster) and managing day-to-day life like there’s no end.

Now, I am a city go’er (just like the majority) and have moved in as a local, but I never have time to workout. Is this  your excuse? This is mine and its a killer, especially for wanting to be motivated – all the time.

Recently I spoke about self talk (you can read the article: Don’t think, just do it! The title says it all. I quote “Thinking about it can undermine your resolve,” Dr Sandra O’Brien Cousins at the University of Alberta in Canada, unquote.) That is the bombshell of working out. Just do it! Think Later! And you will be happier about.

* I will be adding plenty of material here for you to check out and keep up to date with me. You are on this challenge with me to transform my life in 365 days –> “How to Become a Better You in 365 Days”.

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I would love to see you place your results in the comments box below as this is one the ways to get fit and stay fit – forever.

Kudos to all you who are doing their personal best and rocking their way to Your Perfect Body. For beginners, please start here!

Thank you in abundance. Have an awesome day and smile! xx

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