No Time for the Gym??? do BODYROCK.TV

Hi All — After working out… just sitting at my desk — thinking about — just thinking about it for now. is an awesome fitness site run by a super hot couple in Prague called Frederick & Zuzana.  Zuzana over at — is my favorite workout mentor of all times.  That’s like — at least 25 years.  I only discovered her a few months back but it only took moments to get hooked.  I have been a stalker ever since.  At first glance, you may form an opinion of her based on her cover — but — spend a little time with this hottie body — and I promise you, you will fall in love with her along with over a million other people.  She is motivating people around the globe – she deserves accolades for how many people she is inspiring and helping.  I believe she could be impacting global health — at the very least I know she is leading a significant number of people on the fitness journey of their lives and they are enjoying it.  The fan base is super sized!!!

Zuzana is an adorable sweetheart who has working out nailed.  She gives you the bang for the buck, actually — FOR FREE!!  In & out, over & done!  You do not have to spend hours in the gym to look the way you desire.  You could just workout with Zuzana for the rest of your life and never have to ‘think’ about exercising again.  If you want to drop fat and lean out — is the only thing you need.  Zuzana works out using the H.I.I.T. (high intensity interval training) method.  H.I.I.T. has been proven to be the most effective method for burning fat for energy and creates the lean, toned look most people are after.  Zuzana works out consistently and she eats mindfully in accord with how she wants her body to look & perform for her.

Zuzana only exercises an average of 15-30 minutes a day — and she looks like she does.  This is because of THE WAY she works out.  She is using the bodies energy requirements and muscle reactions together to create the best overall body workout.  She works out at home only – using H.I.I.T. and mostly body weight for strength & muscle building.  The workouts she shows on her site is all she is doing – along with diet to look the way she does.  No, she does not do some secret workouts at a gym or use weights behind our backs.  In each of her videos she explains every exercise & demonstrates proper form for advanced & beginning users.   The site has just gone through a major update and the new website looks slick & has everything you need to get started & keep going.   I believe there is a demonstrative video for each of her workout ‘pieces’ as well.  It is really all any BODY needs to…. be fit.

Workout at home 15-30 minutes a day and obtain a sexy body?  Yes, with Zuzana it is definitely possible.  I just cannot rave enough about this site & the people behind it!  I have gotten several of my friends addicted to bodyrock.  Zuzana makes you feel good when you join her for a little pre-workout coffee talk… she’s a babe, I cannot deny it.  She inspires me.  You can also find Zuzana’s videos on youtube – she is called charliejames1975.  She is so incredibly motivating and encouraging for anyone, whether you are a beginner or advanced I guarantee you will benefit from meeting her & getting into her workouts…. check her out!

I like this video because it depicts how much she has changed over time… it shows how she has come into herself as she has gotten more and more into her work.  There is an obvious visual transformation of her inner & outer beauty.  I believe the positive response from the people has also encouraged her to develop and blossom.  I think she is living her bliss.  She’s adorable & there is nothing more I can say!! ——> today!

Content From: Miyo Parker for this wonderful review on BodyRock.Tv