Discovering Your Absolutely Best Self

best self 300x258 A Shortcut to Discovering Your Absolutely Best Self
I often wonder, what would have become of me if my parents had sent me to a music school when I was little or had taken me to tennis classes. I might have been giving concerts all over the world or been competing against Maria Sharapova. You may say that this is just daydreaming and will get me nowhere. May be…
But have you never wondered what your life would be like if you had stayed together with your High school Sweetheart? Or if you had not turned down a job offer because you were afraid you might not be able to handle all the new responsibilities that came with it? Or if you had just a little bit more courage to act on your dream, instead of letting an opportunity go by?


Here are 3 steps that you can take to become your Absolute Best Self:

1. Find your passion.

2. Be willing to experiment.

3. Recognize that the world is not a race.

4. Be your Self.


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