Give Me Everything Workout

Hi BodyRockers,

Zuzana and I were thinking about how cool it was when we first read in the comments one of you refer to yourself as a “BodyRocker“. In that moment I think that our little blog turned into a true community. What we love most about being BodyRockers is the real connection that we have with the other people who are supportive, and share similar interests. –

There is a lot happening in this workout and you can view it (here). I will be adding my results in later today after the day is done with work – so on. Be prepared. I love to hear your results and how you found the workout. If you are obsessed with BodyRock.Tv, subscribe to my blog and you wont be alone with your workouts.

Here is a basic rundown of exactly what the workout will look like…

  • One Leg Dead Lift with Sandbag –> max. reps
  • Jump Jacks with Jump Rope –> max. reps
  • Knee Raises –> max. reps
  • Breakdance Push Ups –> max. reps
Time: 12min. |Workout Type: Interval training | Exercises: 4
–> I have updated my results and here they are… I know you have been waiting…
one leg dead lift w/25 lbs sandbag (left):18, 16
one leg dead lift w/25 lbs sandbag (right):17, 15
jump jacks w/jump rope: 34, 31
knee raises on dip station: 23, 20
jump jacks w/jump rope: 32, 30
breakdance push up: 6, 7

I’ve only been bodyrocking for a little over a month, but I’m pretty proud of my progress both physically and mentally. I used to be so self conscious and never felt good about myself, but somehow doing these workouts and following all of the BodyRockers’ progress has made me feel better. Having a healthy body combined with a supportive community really does wonders for the mind. I guess my self-esteem issues prevented me from posting scores sooner, but then I realized that these are BodyRockers I’m sharing these with. You guys don’t judge people and are the most supportive group I’ve ever been a part of (and I’ve been a part of many groups: school classes, dance classes, sports teams, and numerous clubs). And for the first time in a long time I worked out even though I was so tired from school. I was actually looking forward to this workout all day and found my mind drifting off to bodyrock during class 🙂

Cheers, Ezzy xx