Delayed Gratification – the Key to Success

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Sometimes, we feel that success is delayed and without any gratification and honestly, I feel like this when things to do go to plan or the outcome isn’t what I want or expected. Today, I stumbled across one of greatest influences in life – Arina, she has influenced me to be a better person, be courageous, be out going and live my life to the fullest. Here is the article in part: Delayed Gratification – the Key to Success. Enjoy 🙂

There is one thing that I dislike more than cleaning behind the refrigerator and it is waiting and not being sure of the outcome. Do you know what I am talking about?

Since we were little we have been taught to search for instant solutions, quick fixes and immediate results.

I recently read about an experiment where four-year-olds were given a marshmallow, then left by themselves in a room and asked not to eat it until after the researcher got back. If they resisted, they were given a second marshmallow as a reward for their patience. What do you think happened? Most of the children ate their candy after 30 seconds! Later research uncovered that the kids, who were able to resist the temptation did much better at school as well as becoming a lot more successful in life.

As it turns out, while instant gratification promises immediate rewards, it often becomes the main cause of our life failures and here is why:

1. Most people fail to follow through with their goals because they expect immediate results of their actions and if this does not happen they get discouraged and move on to the next goal.
2. The number one reason why so many people struggle to stay fit and lose weight is that they succumb to food cravings and give up on their weight-loss plan.
3. Most relationships fall apart not because two people look for momentary happiness but that they have no patience working things out when relationship or financial difficulties begin.

People that I call “Delayed Gratification Seekers” lead happy, fulfilling lives, and become financially successful not because they are more intelligent and talented than most, but because they are willing to wait and stick with their goals longer than the other 70% of the population!

But what about those, who are impatient by nature, those who would think “the heck with it!” and eat the marshmallow right away (like myself)?

Below are 3 Delayed Gratification Strategies that I have found very helpful in cultivating patience and transforming my life.

Today I want to share them with you, so that whenever you feel tempted to fall into the instant gratification trap, you know what to do:

1. Redefine your pleasures

2. Make your end result more appealing and concrete

3. Develop a taste for better things

If you want to strengthen your motivation and self-control, without having to force yourself into a change, develop a taste for better things. Think what brings true joy and satisfaction into your life and what distracts you from your goals?

Do not rely on ‘quick fixes’ to improve your life. Instead, become a Delayed Gratification Seeker. And success will follow!

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