How Can I Relax My Jaw All Day?

Are You a Grinder?

As a human beings we are affected by physical, emotional, mental and environmental stresses. Many times, the effects of these stresses can manifest in surprising and subconscious ways that can be compromising to our total health. One of these effects, teeth grinding, it is documented that 40 million of Americans, including young and old. Known as bruxism, from the Greek word for “gnashing of teeth,” the long history of this oral habit is even referenced in the Bible, where “wailing and gnashing of teeth” is recorded 7 times in the New Testament and refers to the sorrow, pain, anger and remorse of those who experience hell. (Source: Doctor Oz)

But the real questions are how I can relax my jaw, prevent clenching my jaw and find the real causes of this habit.

Generally I noticed that I was doing it during the night and waking up unrefreshed, but with minor to major tension headaches which led to serve migraines.   Now, I have noticed that I am doing it unconsciously throughout the day and sucking on the inner walls of my mouth. It is something I am eating, drinking and doing during the day that is causing this? Absolutely. You need to be aware firstly, that you are doing it and when you are not. You need to buy a mouth guard to protect your teeth and jaw – you can buy this from your pharmacist around $30 each and you will be able to mould it to your mouth.  Wear the mouth guard at night.. Every night. You can also wear the guard during the day if you need to.

When you notice that you are grinding, clenching your jaw or teeth, stop and make yourself relax. Breath in and out a few times. Even massage your jaw. Clench hard for three seconds and let go. Relax your jaw and move it around. Make your mind focus somewhere else like relaxing your face – if you can.

I have learned to be aware “check in with myself” and see how tense I am and make myself just breathe and relax my shoulders. There are orthodontists’ for this, but I would avoid having to go to one. Most people do fine with mouth guards. There is a surgery that can be done, but I refuse to go there and there is always a solution before surgery.

There are many ways of eliminating this habit.

1. Dr. Oz once said “use a cork, like a wine cork“, clench on it for a few minutes and release. This helps elevate stress on the joints, your pressure points in your face and head.

2. Try the old rubber band trick – wear a rubber band on your wrist and snap it when you notice yourself clenching. (Source: How to avoid clenching my jaw?)

3. Putting your tongue between your teeth is another excellent suggestion and a method that I used to help me with the same problem. Also make sure you’re not taking in too much caffeine, since (at least for me) that can really trigger clenching, plus any soft drink like Coke/Diet Coke/Similar and some cheeses are known for this as well – especially the headaches.

4. Try to implement exercise, vitamins, mediation and prayer into your life, as our bodies do compensate especially if we work in a stressful environment.

5. See your Dentist if the problem is serious as well as a Chiropractor. Your health is important and should be your first propriety if you wish to live longer, happier and healthier.

6. Get yourself a mouth guard that is molded to your teeth.

How do you deal with stress? What do you recommend on helping others elevate the stresses of modern-day life? Are you a grinder, do you clench your teeth or do you take it all out your punching bag?

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  1. Thank You very much! It really helped me a lot because I am really having a hard time with the headaches that teeth grinding brings.

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