It is Here…. Amazing Fat Burn Workout!

It is Here…. Amazing Fat Burn Workout!

Hi BodyRockers,

Today’s workout is one of those that seems to defy the laws of physics. It took me just 13:45 to complete, but when you are in the midst of your reps it seems like it is never ending. Some routines seem to actually slow the space-time continuum and this was definitely one of them. When a workout challenges my will power and drive to continue, I know that I am up to a challenge worthy of a BodyRocker 🙂  Remember our friend Brutus..? See the review here!

My results are in:

Workout Breakdown:  Time: ?min.| Workout Type: Intervals and sets  |Exercises: 4
  • High Kneesmax. reps
  • Commando Push Ups2 reps
  • Sandbag Squat10 reps
  • Reptile One Leg Push Up4 reps

The exercise took me 20 minutes and 55 seconds to complete. This workout is a combination of high intensity interval training and a time challenge. You will need your interval timer and sandbag. Your Sandbag should be heavy enough to make 10 squats challenging for you. My Sandbag weighs about 15kg (30 lbs).

Part 1 – 4 minutes of high intensity interval training

Part 2 – Time Challenge

See if you can beat your personal best. To see the video –> go here!


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