Allow Abundance into Your Life. 3 Easy Steps.

steps to abundance 300x198 3 Simple Steps to Allow Abundance into Your LifeDo you know what any financial struggle starts with? No, not with the poor economic situation, bad luck or inadequate financial planning. It starts with the mind!

This might be hard to accept at first, because we may often feel that some life circumstances are beyond our control and, therefore, it is logical to blame external factors and other people for our financial difficulties. There is just one problem with this type of thinking – it does not resolve anything. Moreover, it leads us deeper into negative thinking patterns and creates bigger financial difficulties.

I am not saying that as soon as you change your attitude towards money, 100 dollar bills will fall from the sky like wild rain in spring time. Nor will I try to convince you that just by visualizing beautiful cars and dream houses, your financial situation will magically improve without you having to do anything.

But I am convinced about one thing – you can not become wealthy by thinking and reasoning like someone, who always struggles to make ends meet.

All that said, there are two ways to improve your financial situation:

1. Identify and challenge your negative and limiting beliefs about money.
2. Take these 3 Simple Steps to allow unlimited Abundance and life-long Wealth:

Step #1. Know WHAT you want and WHY.

In order to allow abundance into your life, you should be clear about what your financial goals are. It would never cross your mind to go to the bank and say to a cashier, “I would like to withdraw lots of money from my account, please!” You would know exactly how much money you needed. But for some reason when voicing their financial goals, people usually say, “I want to have tons of money!”, “I want to be rich!”, “I wish I did not have to worry about paying my bills ever again” and expect the Universe to deliver their wishes right to their door.

Whenever you set goals, make sure that they are clear, measurable and realistic.
But most importantly, be honest with yourself about the reasons WHY you want to achieve them. Very often we choose our goals for the wrong reasons. If behind your goal is a hidden desire to make your parents proud, to become popular or to prove to your ex that you are worthy, you are heading in the wrong direction – away from your own happiness and success. Your abundance goals should empower and excite you, not cause distress, bitterness and anger.

Step #2. Learn to give and to accept what is given to you.

I have a trick question for you: When someone gives you a gift, do you calculate the approximate amount your friend spent on your gift and make a mental note of how much money you will have to spend on their gift next time? If you do that, you are not the only one. A feeling that you owe another person something: be it money or favor is really disturbing. If you feel guilty or uncomfortable accepting an expensive gift from your friend or your beloved one – it is a sure sign that you have difficulty accepting wealth too.

Very often the Universe fulfills your wishes through other people. Learn to accept with gratitude new opportunities, possibilities, compliments and presents. Pride is a remarkable quality that protects your sense of self-worth, but if taken overboard it can quickly turn into a deadly sin!

Similar to accepting “gifts” from the Universe or God, we have to learn to share our wealth, kindness and efforts with other people. Opportunities, just like money, are given only to those, who are able to use them efficiently and make the maximum out of what they have – by helping others!

Do not wait to win the lottery or inherit a fortune to start giving! Make a small donation to a charity that you support, offer to help your friend (without expecting gratitude in return), share your lunch with your colleague, give a reassuring smile to a person who looks sad.

“Give and it will be given to you.”Luke 6:38

Step #3. Follow your path.

You hear successful people say all the time, “Stick to your passion and money will follow!” And yet, many times our professional choice is based on a single criterion – our future income. This probably explains why employee job satisfaction statistics puts lawyers and doctors at the bottom of the list. There is no mystery there.

If you hate your job, if you have to force yourself to get up and go to work every morning, you will spend one third of your life feeling miserable. And even if you do make good money you will not be able to enjoy it, because you will perceive money as a main cause of your misery.

In 99% of the cases you have a much better chance of becoming wealthy by fulfilling your purpose than by simply concentrating on making money. Do you like your current job? Maybe your current financial difficulties are simply a sign that you are doing something, you should not be doing?
Take a moment to reflect on what you would do, even if you did not get paid for doing it? What activity fully absorbs you and makes you lose track of time or forget about lunch – a delicious cheese sandwich lying in your fridge? Maybe you should consider turning your passion into your work?

It took me 4 years to realize one simple truth – true success is being paid for something that you already enjoy doing, not becoming top at a job that you cannot stand! Do not repeat my mistake.  Choose wisely i.e. choose with your heart!

Source: Arina Nikita