Fierce Friday Workout

Fierce Friday Workout

Everyday I am out doing workouts as I’m a woman on a mission to be fit by October 22nd 2011 and Zuzana, Freddy are my inspiration for working out.

Hi BodyRockers,

Today we are going back into our workout vault and pulling out a kick ass workout that we did for the first time in November 2009. If you have been BodyRocking with us for a while, you might remember this one.

Yesterday I mentioned how difficult it is for me to get excited about veggies and that I need to find more delicious recipes to stick with a diet that will support my training and health. I look for recipes everywhere to get inspired and then I come up with my own twist and spin on them. Today I have for you an amazing recipe that is very tasty and  will support your fat loss goals.

 See the full recipe here: BodyRocker Broccoli – Fat Loss Recipe


Workout Breakdown

Time: ?min. |Workout Type: Time Challenge| Exercises: 4
  • Jum Squat & Touch Down20 reps
  • Skater15 reps – each leg
  • Reptile20 reps
  • One Leg Hop Kick20 reps


Set your Interval Timer as a stop watch and try to complete 4 rounds of this circuit as fast as possible

1. Jump Squat & Touch Down – 20 reps

2. Skater – 15 reps each leg

3. Reptile – 20 reps

4. One Leg Hop Kick – 20 reps

Watch the video above till the end, to see the instructions for each exercise so that you know exactly what to do and try this workout at home. See the video here!