Try Something New for 30 Days…

Have you ever wondered how much you can achieve if you stick with your goals and passions long enough? And I do not mean stick with your goals for months or even years. I mean sticking with them for as little as 30 days, until they become habits and weave themselves into your daily routine gently and unnoticeable.

Just think about what you could have achieved in a year by doing 30 day challenges. You could have written a book, gotten back in shape, started a new hobby, learned how to dance or how to your favorite song on the guitar. You could have tried something you always wanted to do, but for some reason haven’t. You could have met new friends, started your creative and fun blog, or grow your own butterfly garden. The sky is the limit here, really.

There is a great quote I love from “Alice in wonderland” that says, “Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Now believing six impossible things, especially on an empty stomach, might be somewhat challenging, but it is quiet realistic to believe that you can make twelve positive changes in your life over the year.

What do you think?

If you still have doubts, watch this video with Matt Cutts. His enthusiasm is contagious and his arguments incredibly convincing. You might even say that it is a new way of thinking about goal-setting…

Source: Arina Nikita