Stronger & Hotter Workout

Stronger & Hotter Workout

Hi BodyRockers,

As I mentioned in today’s video, I would like to talk a little bit about diet. The food that we eat impacts our DNA, metabolic function, mood, over all energy, workout performance, physical appearance and so on. We could not survive without the energy that our food provides us. There is a lot more to diet then we often think – the quality of our life depends on it. With this deep thought in mind 😉

I started (yesterday) to follow my own advice 100% and focus on 3 main goals: health, body composition, and workout performance. If you keep all of the 3 goals in mind when putting together your diet plan, then you are on the right track. If you focus only on your body composition, you may damage your health by  taking short cuts that focus on the short term goal of fat loss. People that are trying to lose weight really fast often fall into the trap of following fad diets that only deliver temporary weight loss. If you focus only on your athletic performance you may fall into the trap of using harmful suplements to achieve a short term goal that misses delivering long term performance benefits. If you are focused only on your health, you may not get the results in the remaining two areas where you want to excell. Out of these 3 areas most people focus almost exclusively on fat loss. I am taking a longer term approach to my fitness and health, because this is a life long journey that never ends. I will be posting some of the specific diet strategies that I am following over the next little while so check back if you are interested in taking your diet to the next level.

Have you guys been thinking about focusing on your diet lately?

Workout Breakdown

Time: 16min. | Workout Type: Intervals & Time Challenge  |Exercises: 5
  • Sandbag Dragon Lunge & Row max. reps
  • Crossed Leg Burpees max.reps
  • Sandbag Squat – Left Shoulder max.reps
  • Sandbag Squat – Right Shoulder max.reps
  • Jump Squats/Push Ups Combo 15 sets for time

I wrote my reps down so this is my score and also the flow of the workout – there are 3 rounds of the following exercises:

1) Sandbag Dragon Lunge

My score:7, 9, 7 reps

2) Crossed Leg Burpee

My score: 8, 9, 7 reps

3) Sandbag Squat – Right Shoulder

My score: 15, 18, 10

4) Sandbag Squat – Left Shoulder

My score: 21, 13, 12

The second Part of this workout is a Time Challenge and your goal is to complete 15 sets of the Jump Squats/Push Ups Combo. I explained all of the exercises and this combo in the video above and I also included easier variations for beginners.

The combo is 2 Jump Squats – 1 Jump Tuck – 3 half way down push ups and power up into a squat. This is one set. Try to beat my time – 4 minutes and 55 seconds.

See the viedo below but don’t forget to visit: BODYROCK.TV for more workouts… Thanks.


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