Going. Going. Raw in 90 Days.

Raw Recipes

Thank you for joining me on this amazing new Challenge for 2011.

To date in this ALL-NEW CHALLENGES where we’ll be working on ourselves, our bodies, our mindset, our fitness, our health, gardening organic foods, and most of all receiving a happy benefit – therefore creating a better us at the end of 90 to 365 days of our challenges.
So, what does exactly mean for you..?
  • What foods should we be eating for our body and blood type? If I was to ask you what blood type are you… Would you know what type you are and what you should putting into your mouth? Do you know what type your body is.. Are you an ruler or an hourglass figure? Do you really know?! We will find out this together and discover what we can do to help promote a healthier lifestyle and future for our generations to come.
  • Where is your Mindset? Do you have an mindset for success? Do you even know what that means? Let’s get the answers together, make a difference and learn how we can be successful in whatever we choose.
  • Getting Fit and Staying Fit. We will be discovering a new way of exercise in convenience of your own home. We will be bringing you the best of workout from BodyRock.Tv and providing you with up-to-date videos and results to help you achieve your personal best.
  • What are organic foods and how to grow them ourselves. Over the last few months of researching, asking questions, visiting local nutritionists and growing our own fruits and vegetables, we have discovered ways that can benefit your health, lifestyle and fitness. Let’s take a journey to the gardening without those nasties.
  • Become a Better You in 365 Days. Rediscovering who we were, how to change, taking on personal challenges to change what we think is negative trait (that you wish to kick) and to help others and supportive.  This will be the biggest and baddest challenge of all. It is 365 days long. How will we fair – we will rock it!
  • Be Apart of the Challenges. What are the Challenges for 2011:
  • 90 Day Raw Food and Green Smoothie Challenge inspired by Amber @ Lamber Jules
  • 365 Day Fitness Challenge
  • Be a Better You in 365 Days
  • Fight Against Depression – what foods cause depression and what foods to avoid!
  • 14 Day Detox – neutralise those cravings and kick the coke!
  • Share the Word. Share the Challenge. The best way to make these challenges a real success is to get as many people on board as possible. When we have more people doing the tasks with us, we generate an abundance positive energy, we gain flight – building momentum, and all of us will benefit together. We get more people sharing their results, their insights, and we learn so much more in the process.
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  • STAY CONNECTED.This is not compulsory to stay connected with the community… However it will enhance your experience of the challenges. Many readers are a part of my social media pages, where I post latest updates on my life, including real time updates about challenges and more.
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Ready to Be a Better You in October?

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Join me on this fantastic journey of eating healthy, getting fit and being a better you.

Source:  Eating Right for Your Body