What You Want Workout

Hi BodyRockers,

It’s been a while since our last new workout post. but I don’t want you guys thinking that we have been slacking on our training. Whenever possible during our travels we have been going back into the old workouts and trying to beat our personal bests. If you don’t see a new workout posted on any given day you should be doing the same thing – there are hundreds of routines to choose from – pick one that you like and rock it to the limit.

We have managed to get some great workouts in while we have been on the move – these 12 minute, full body, high intensity routines are perfect for compact spaces.

Workout Breakdown

Time: 12min. |Workout Type: Intervals & Max.Sets  |Exercises: 4
  • Ugi Climber max. reps
  • Ugi Jump Lunge max.reps
  • Sumo Squat & Knee Tuck 10 reps (alternating legs)
  • One Leg Ugi Squat 5 reps each leg


All of the exercises are explained in the video above including easier variations for beginners and those of you who don’t have the equipment.

Today’s workout is tough, but it’s only 12 minutes long. Think about it before you give up on today’s workout – just 12 minutes and torture is over 🙂 The first part of this workout is 8 minutes long high intensity interval training and you will be doing two exercises back and forth. Set your interval timer for 16 rounds of 15 and 15 second intervals. Both intervals are your max. effort intervals and there is no rest interval in between, so you won’t have time to write down your reps. It’s ok, don’t count your reps just push yourself to the limit throughout the 8 minutes. The exercises are:

1. Beep! Ugi Climber (15 second interval)

2. Beep! Ugi Jump Squat (15 second interval)

I am using my fit ball because it gives me better workout, however you can still get amazing training even just with your own bodyweight.

Take a sip of water and move directly to the second part of the workout.

The second part of this workout is 4 minutes long. Set your timer to count down the 4 minutes for you. You will be doing the following exercises and your goal is to complete maximum sets:

1.Sumo Squat & Knee Tuck – 10 reps

2.One Leg Ugi Squat – 5 reps on left leg

3.One Leg Ugi Squat – 5 reps on right leg

I completed 4 rounds of this circuit during the 4 minutes.

Enjoy your training and now some Burpees for Erin! 🙂

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