20 Resourceful Ideas on How to Make New Friends

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20 Resourceful Ideas on How to Make New Friends

Let’s face it – making new friends has becoming more and more difficult for most of us. Throw a demanding career and household duties into the mix and you will understand why according to the statistics the average person has 0,7 friends. We simply do not leave ourselves enough time to connect with people and cultivate true friendship.

However, no matter how happy our family life or how gratifying our job is, deep down we still feel the need to belong, to confide in others, to get and give the support. This is what true friends are for! And no amount of work or hours spend in the bosom of the family can substitute what real, life-long friendship has to offer.

So whether you have moved to a new city or feel that your social life starts to wither as you slowly grow apart with your old friends, here are 20 resourceful Ideas on How to Make new Friends easily:

1. Get to know your neighbors

It is amazing how many people live for years right next to each other without actually knowing each other’s name. If this sounds like your apartment building, be the first one to break the ice.

2. Get sport-active

Thinking about getting in shape or starting to jog in the morning? Great! Why not joining a sports team or finding someone to jog with? If you have no idea where to look for sport events in your city, start with the events on CraigsList.com or browse the many clubs on MeetUp.com.

3. Exchange contact information

I’m sure there have been times when you regretted not asking for someone’s name or email address. If you had a great conversation with someone you do not know, present yourself and be the first one to offer exchanging the contact information and staying in touch.

4. Get in touch with old friends

Time flows and our childhood friends move away, get married, have their own families and we slowly grow apart. It is a normal part of life, but this does not mean that we can not catch up on everything that happened since we’ve last met and revive our friendships.

5. Think family

Many of us have a lot of cousins, second cousins and relatives of our age that we have only seen a few times in our life. Well, why not contacting them and getting to know them better?

6. Start a conversation on a plane

When you spend 2 to 12 hours sitting right next to a person on the plane it is easy to start chatting and just getting to know each other.

7. Check out a different way to travel

Staying in the hotel during your vacation may be comfortable, but it is somewhat featureless way to travel, as most of the hotel rooms look very much alike. Global networks of accommodation offered by locals like AirBnB.com can be a much better alternative not only to save money, but also meet new people, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the city and get the insider’s tips about where to go and what places to visit.

8. Get to know your friends’ friends

This is an easy way to expand your social circle, especially if you are not the type of person, who can easily start a conversation with a total stranger.

9. Take Pictures

Taking pictures at an event of party gives you a perfect excuse to get in touch with people you’ve met later. After taking someone else’s picture, it’s easy to say “Are you on Facebook?” or “If want to I can email it to you.

10. Open your home for new people

A day before “Salone dei Mobili” – famous design event in Milan, I accidentally bumped onto a message on one of the local forums that said, “Two girls are looking for an apartment to stay for three days. Please take us! We are mentally stable and undemanding.” It was probably sense of humor that made me say “yes”. And I’m glad I did, because this is how I’ve met one of my dearest friends.

11. Join a class or a club

Yoga, drawing, salsa dancing, Toastmasters, martial arts, or foreign language class – these are just a few great places to meet new people with common interest and hobbies.

12. Host dinners at your house

Inviting people over for lunch or dinner to your house can be a great way to get to know each other and make new friends.

13. Start your own blog

There would always be people with the similar interests, who will comment your articles or ask questions. Take these relationships further and invite them to be your friends on FB or follow you on Twitter.

14. Become a part of online community

There are many social networks, forums and blogs where like-minded people hang out and share their thoughts and ideas.

15. Meet parents of your children’s friends

16. Get a dog

I do not mean it in a sense, “Dogs are man’s best friends”, because besides being wonderful companions, dogs are actually nice-people magnets. You have probably noticed it yourself, it is much easier for people to approach you and start a conversation when they see a dog walking next to you.

17. Hang out after work

Even though we spend third of our life at work, often our relationships with our colleagues do not go beyond “Hi, how are you?” question. Look around you. Is there anyone you would like to hang out after work or grab pizza together? If so, go for it!

18. Turn acquaintances into friends

Are there any people that you know and would like to see more often? Call them and get together. Often true friendship springs out of mutual respect and sympathy.

19. Volunteer

I bet that there are a lot of bright, wonderful and compassionate people in your town, who care about other and are willing to help. Where can you encounter them? In a charities, non-profit organizations and volunteer projects, of course!

20. Consider saying “yes” more often

Loud parties and social gatherings might not be “your thing”, but for the most time they offer a great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and meet new people.

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