300 Reps of Brutality – BodyRockers Don’t Give Up!

300 Reps of Brutality – BodyRockers Don’t Give Up!

Starting with today’s workout Freddy & I will be dedicating one burpee after each of our workouts to BodyRocker Erin who is battling Cancer. If you haven’t read BodyRocker Erin’s courageous story, you can check it out here. With each burpee that we do, we are sending her positive thoughts and wishes. We invite you guys to do the same – rock out one Burpee for a fellow BodyRocker and send what ever thoughts of strength, kindness and support to her that you can 🙂 This wonderful idea came from a BodyRocker Connie in the comments toady – we reposted it here:

”Maybe the entire BR community can do one burpee a day just for you – in solidarity!  Maybe Zuzana will sneak in one burpee at the end of every video just for you and we can all follow along.   I’ll be thinking about you every day and sending you my energy.  Health and happiness to you and your family!  – Connie”

Enjoy your workout today and remember that BodyRockers never give up! F**k Brutus!

Workout Breakdown

Time: 30min.  |Workout Type: Time Challenge  |Exercises: 5
  • Lunge Twist with Sandbag 50 reps total
  • Dive Bomber Burpee 50 reps total
  • Jump Lunge & Swing 50 reps total
  • Ugi Push Off  50 reps total
  • Sumo Squat 100 reps total


This workout is a Time Challenge which means that there is a given amount of exercises and reps that you have to complete as fast as possible. I am using my Ugi Ball (10lbs – dark blue colour) and Sandbag (30lbs – power model). Set your Interval Timer as a Stop Watch and get started!

There are 5 rounds of 5 different exercises:

1)  Lunge Twist – 10 reps

2) Dive Bomber Burpee – 10 reps

3) Jump Squat & Swing – 10 reps

4) Ugi Push Off – 10 reps

5) Sumo Squat – 20 reps

I finished this workout in 30 minutes exactly and I have to admit that I was thinking about giving up after the 4th round. I am glad that I found the last little bit of strength to finish the last round. I am curious to hear from you guys how did you enjoy this routine and how long did it take you.

All of the exercises are explained in the video above including variations for beginners and those of you who don’t have the equipment that I’m using.

Enjoy your workout and don’t forget to add one Burpee for Erin.

Wow this one really asked for a lot of discipline.. I had to push myself hard, but did finish it.. My time as always is much slower than others, but I don’t mind anymore. The point is I finished it, and I can try to beat my own score next time..
My time was 51.38 minutes. I feel good, nice and sweaty 😀

SEE BODYROCK for the full exercise –> BodyRock.tv

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