Check in 710 Words…

dreaming 300x198 A Little Happiness Check in 710 WordsOk, I admit. This is not something I read in the Europe’s Journal of Psychology. Nor has it been proven by any scientific research or backed up by a team of well-known psychology experts.

What I am about to share with you is my own theory that was inspired and conceived during my last 9-hour flight from Italy to New York.

My argument and my conclusion is that the older we get, the more stubbornly we ignore everyday miracles that surround us.

Let’s take flying for example…

Can you remember your first trip on a plane? How did you feel, looking out of the window and watching how a huge airplane picks up speed and slowly takes off the ground, leaving behind the roof tops, long streamers of roads and the perfectly delineated squares of green and yellow fields.

I observed people around me today and all I saw was mild boredom and slight frustration about the plane being 45 minutes late. When did flying become just a convenient vehicle that allows us to get from point A to point B? Isn’t it a miracle that we are able to surmount the force of gravity and rise above the clouds?

When I was little I was practically glued to the window the whole time the plane flew, imagining that this is how the God sees the Earth. I felt powerful. I still do, when I distract myself from voracious “What time will they serve lunch?” thoughts and take a moment to glance out of the window on the frothy, ever-changing sea of white clouds floating below.

Now, getting back to my theory about us losing our ability to get amazed at little things…

• When was the last time you felt excited or surprised by something?
• When was the last time you did something childish, unproductive, and totally useless, without feeling guilty about it or giving a care what others might think about your behavior?
• When was the last time you saw something so extraordinary, you could have called it a ‘miracle’?

I believe that it is not the absence of miracles that is the problem, but our inability to see them. It is not that nothing exciting ever happens in our life, but we are simply too bored, too busy or too tired to make an effort and recognize them.

That is why I wanted to ask you, do yourself a favor and send your inner skeptic on a long summer vacation! Distract yourself from gloomy, unwanted thoughts and seek inspiration in the world around you. Because every day can turn into an adventure. Every moment hides the potential to turn into the memory of a lifetime. Every decision that you make could be a step to a happier, more fulfilling life.

How do you know if you are moving in the right direction?

All you have to do is pay closer attention to your feelings throughout the day, starting now. Take a moment to reflect on how you feel. Tired? Pretty? Daring? Nervous? Inspired? Indifferent? Happy?

When you are making the right choices, when you are doing your best, when you are in tune with the Universe you automatically feel happier, more content, and more peaceful (even when things do not work out as you initially planned).

On the other hand, such feelings as guilt, frustration, anxiety, sadness, envy, apathy and boredom indicate that you are making the wrong choices and they steal a bit of your tranquility and happiness.

If you are not feeling at peace with yourself and those around you ask yourself why. Where have you made the wrong choice? And more importantly, why do you continue following that road?

Usually several times throughout the day I catch myself being too critical or worrying about things I can not change, nor control. Thoughts like these set in motion the whole negativity mechanism, temporary blocking my ability to see miracles around me and feeling grateful for all the blessings that I have been given. But if you are aware of your mood and your feelings, you can easily change them. All it takes is to shift your mental focus to something more positive, beautiful and joyful.

Source: Arina

And where your attention goes, your thoughts follow!