Eat It or Leave It ???

Eat it or Leave it ???

Hi BodyRockers,

Coffee Talks are back!

After receiving a bunch of emails from you guys asking us where the heck the coffee talk videos have been lately we decided to re-embrace our love for caffeine fueled babbling and hearing the sound of our own voices haha. Seriously tho we have missed our coffee talks – it’s a great chance for us to connect as a community and talk about all kinds of stuff together. We will be asking for coffee talk topics and questions on our Facebook page on a regular basis so please “like” us on Facebook here so that you can put forward your ideas for coffee talk subjects. While we certainly will be talking about the workouts and our diet challenges – Zuzana and I would also like to hear from you guys on life in general – we can talk about relationships, family, the world at large – whatever friends talk about.

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