Be a Better You in 365 Days Challenge – DAY 1: Realisation – Who Are You?!

Hi everyone, finally – it’s here! Welcome to the all-new “How to Be a Better Me in 30 Days” October Challenge! (See Overview for all Upcoming Tasks)

October is going to be a month of mountain climbing of self change, discovery, subconscious and conscious action. For the next 365 days (one year), we are going to help others and yourself by working on series of tasks to build our person, and work towards our ideal self. I want to remind that October will be a month to Be a Better YOU – meaning regardless of the outcome, I want you to challenge yourself on how you can make something better (even if something goes wrong or whether you are in control). Because being a better us happens every moment, every second – not just the limitation in doing a task or experiencing new experiences. We will be doing specific tasks on a specific day to help benefit you and others in the 365 Day Challenge, ie: “How to Be a Better Person in 365 days.”

Now, that you are ready to go… Did you sign up for the challenge yet, what are you waiting for?! You can follow – if you are on – and if you want to subscribe, you can email subscribe on the top right corner or at the bottom of this page also. I want you to commit yourself fully this challenge. Stamp down redundant, reasons for not doing the challenge, unimportant tasks you have for October and dedicate yourself to the daily tasks for 365 Day Challenge. Don’t allow yourself any excuses or reasons to skip any day’s tasks. Know that no matter what happens, all of us are here to support each other, so share everything openly in the comment area (below). I will be here to help you too.

I ask that you post a helpful comment to 1-3 fellow participates that resonate with you as the challenge is a community-driven challenge. Your experiences, your results will help others and benefits you too. If everyone does this, we’ll take away so much more from this experience. The more we share, the more we care and the more we’ll learn.

A reminder: If you haven’t yet, set aside an hour every day (in October) for the daily tasks. I recommend setting it first thing in the morning, such that you can read the task at the start of the day, and you have the rest of the day to do the task.

My goal is to post each day’s task every morning at 8am (Brisbane time, GMT +10). I understand that some of you are across the globe and will receive the tasks either ahead of time or after. I ask that you do these task first thing in the morning – meaning you will get the task completed and will have the day to experience your next step to being a better you.

If you choose to do this later… It will only create friction, noise, excuses and distraction and in doing so making things worse for you. It is my objective to prepare you and post each day’s tasks as early as possible such that all of us can get working on it asap, otherwise I’ll have a huge task in reading/processing/addressing the inquiries vs. working on the task. Know that 365 Day Challenge (and my blog related work/coaching) is my top priority. All posts will appear right away on the blog when they are published, and sent via email newsletter within 24 hours from there on. The fastest way to be involved/notified of new tasks and related is via subscribing to the RSS feed. Without further ado, let’s now move to day 1′s task!

DAY 1: Realisation – Who Are You?!

Ensure you’ve officially signed up/subscribed for the course before you continue on to today’s task. Today’s task will take about 30-45 min.

 “Everyone has the obligation to ponder well his own specific traits of character. He must also regulate them adequately and not wonder whether someone else’s traits might suit him better. The more definitely his own a man’s character is, the better it fits him.” ~ Cicero (106 BC – 43 BC)

 As you know, 365 Day Challenge is to be a better person. It’s created so we can develop our character, to weed out our bad character traits, to build new, desired traits, to cultivate universal values, to re-discover ourselves – so that we become the highest person we can be proud of.

 I mentioned in How To Be a Better Person: 101 Ways – Arina, I started the journey knowing what was ahead of me without comprehending the abnormality of it all and without complete devotion of direction. For some of us, we grow year by year or day by day. I grew by moment to moment. Living with the direction of others and not allowing myself to bloom in such a way that would allow growth and fertility of my human nature and personality. I must confess this journey has been two sided, one of truths and the second, untruths. Being true to yourself is one of the biggest challenges we face but it is easier to lie to ourselves rather than hunt the truth of our real ideal self.  I have seen changes in my personal and business life – that even stuns me! I do not question everything that comes my way but I do question how it will affect me emotionally, environmentally and physically. I have come to realise that even an eighty years old are still asking the same question, I ask of you: Who are you? How can you be a better person?

Now, it’s been a long time (5-6 years, give or take) I started on a journey of personal development and came to a point in my life knowing that I had to change, re-shape, re-form and grow to be a better person. I sat down with pen and paper in hand looking at a blank page asking my inner persona who am I? What do I want to achieve? Who am I aspiring to be? Do I even like myself? Yes. I began to question everything. I mean everything from the blade of grass to the clouds in the sky. What was my purpose?! Since, I did that. I can see how the conscious decisions in my life improved my person from that point and since made me a far happier person.

Today, I’m incredibly happy with who I am. I’m incredibly happy with life. I’m incredibly happy with what the universe has brought to me, into my world. I’m much happier with who I’ve come to be, because the virtues of kindness, compassion and love (warm qualities) resonate with me far more than a scarcity mindset, emotional stinginess, and a general oppressiveness towards others (cold, hard qualities).

For this week, we’re going to be working on the series of steps above – one at a time. For today’s task, you’ll be assessing: Who are You?!

Your Task: Who Are You?

The first task of 365 Day Challenge is to assess you.

1. Estimate Your Character with the Christian Character Indexyou will be only using this as a guide to give you an idea of where you are in your life. If, however, you do not believe in God there will be no judgement as this is about you and no discrimination as it will NOT BE TOLERATED on my blog.

The 65 item CCI takes 15-20 minutes to complete and estimates ten character qualities. The 35 item CCI2 takes about 10 minutes to complete, estimates seven character qualities, and appears to be a slightly more valid instrument (click here for validity information).

2. What was your score? How did you fair?

  • State down specific reasons why – At least 3-5 points to explain your score.
  • Elaborate as much as you can. The more you write, the better.

3. Now, write down 5-7 traits about yourself you want to work on.

  • These can be traits you don’t like about yourself, or traits you are okay with but you want to eradicate because they serve no value to you.
  • If you having a hard time working on traits/values, here are some Sample Values List to help you get started:
  1. What is the Value of Values?
  2. 7 Keys to a Real Good Life
  3. Become A Better You: 7 Keys To Improving Your Life Every Day
  4. 7 Ways For You to Be the Best You That You Possibly Can Be
  5. How Are You Faring In Your Life Now?

Remember, elaborate as much as you want. The more you write the better.

Question 3 is actually a lead-in for Day 2′s task. Tomorrow, we will be delving into the character traits we want to work on (ergo looking deeper into your Q3 answers) – so stay tuned.


For each 365 Challenge task, we’ll have a quick reflection session. This is to identify and collect our learning’s and reflections, rather than just do the task for the sake of doing it.

  1. Is there anything you learned today?
  2. If so, what is it? Write it down.


What score did you get for each area of your life? Why? What are the 5-7 traits about you, you would like to work on and perhaps change?

Share your answers with the others in the comments area! Check out others’ comments and share your thoughts! 🙂

Want To Be a Better YOU in 365 Days this October? Join us in this new challenge!

“How to Be a Better Person in 365 Days” October Challenge!


15 thoughts on “Be a Better You in 365 Days Challenge – DAY 1: Realisation – Who Are You?!

  1. I am so excited about the next year. There will be a lot of things happen and I can feel them already. I know it is going to be a huge challenge as it’s for 365 days but what the heck?! Why not do it? Do you wonder where you’ll be in a year’s time from now? I think about all the time, so this is why I am participating in the challenge too. Here goes – wish me luck and our fellow participants.

    1. Completed the CCI within 20 mintues. 🙂
    2. What was your score? How did you fair? – These are my scores from the CCI:
    Love: 84.9% – I’m so pleased that love is one of my strongest points but sometimes, I feel as though I am not sharing enough or giving enough love to those who need it especially at times that they need it the most. However, I noticed that I have over 80% in compassion so maybe I am giving enough but not in the right areas for me.

    Joy: 78.6% – Its great to see that I am joyful and happy. I do have an inner calm but when it gets busy or stressful I tend to get burnt out as I like to take on to much and wonder why I am burnt or stress with headlines incomplete or stretching to complete.

    Inner Peace: 72.9% – Inner peace over the years has been a hard road for me. As a child, things were done to me that I wish no one had to experience which is most likely why I choose to help others less fortunate then me. It’s good to know that I have forgiven, moved on and found my inner peace – my inner balance and calm.

    Patience and Gentleness: 67.1% – By nature I am a gentle person but I don’t like to be pushed over and used. I can only say that there is plenty of people out there just like me who once let people walk all over them and push them into things that it do not necessarily agree with our inner values and beliefs. I have patience but I want more patience and gratification in certain areas of my life.

    Kindness and Generosity: 72.9% – I am relieved to know that I am kind and generous as I value these very much. I have huge and have plenty to go around!

    Faithfulness: 55.7% – I believe faithfulness can be taken in three ways: faith to God, faith to a value or belief or having faith in something outside ourselves. I have taken mine as all those things. I do believe God but I do not attend Church as I do not believe in some things they teach hence I don’t tend church and not preach. Now that being said and all; I need to have faith in doing what I am doing and push on, even if it get rough. Never give up.

    Self-Control: 61.4% – Self-control is something I value as it relates to self-discipline which sometimes I find hard to do especially when its busy or very productive. But, that has to do with being centred in the storm.

    Forgiveness: 61.4% – I have always been a forgiving person. I may in the past not forgiven some things, but I am human and allowed to make mistakes. This is why we are doing the challenge. I want forgiveness and forgive those around me even if they do irate me to the point I want to shout and pull my hair out.

    Gratitude: 32.9% – This is something I want to work on. My gratitude always changes especially in the moment of things. I wonder if this is holding me back…
    Compassion: 81.4% – I have unlimited amount of compassion – it is my soul, who I am and I do not want to change this as it’s important to me and those around me. I believe it benefits everyone to have compassion and help others.

    3. Now, write down 5-7 traits about yourself you want to work on.
    1. Being grateful – for things in my life
    2. Organised – working to a routine and structure
    3. Balanced – in times of high pressure and stress
    4. Procrastination – getting things done when needed
    5. Disciplined
    Update: 6. Being Focused

    Reflection: I believe I have learnt a lot about myself and now I know what is holding me back so I can move forward. Taking the hour to actually sit down, think, organise thoughts and materialise a sound response on paper as made me feel better, relived and grateful that the task is complete and knowing what is coming this next time in October 2012. I am looking to it with a image in mind. What about you?!

  2. I started late … I actually just came across this post online today! I’m thinking this will help me keep a focus! I’m really excited about this! I just finish Day 1 assignment and I already feel better! Thanks for doing this! Thanks for your time and energy!!

    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      Aww… Elizabeth, you’re most welcome. Thank you for sharing!
      I am glad you came across the post and wanting to be apart of this fabulous journey with us. I give my BIGGEST thanks to you for taking this opportunity and stepping up to improve your life, gain focus and be a better person. Elizabeth, that is awesome you are already feeling better about yourself. Its wonderful and I’m appreciative you’ve shared with us your experience.

      Just a few quick questions:
      a) How did you find the daily task?
      b) Did you do the CCI?
      c) What were your scores?

      All the best,
      ♥ Ezzy ♥

      P.s – you can subscribe through my blog to get the latest tasks daily and receive my updates – you can stay in better contact this way too!

  3. Ezzy,

    a) I found the daily task using the search engine Bing … I felt like I needed a change and typed in “30 days to a new you” … I wasn’t satisfied with those results so I tried “365 days to a new you” and your blog post came up. I love that this is a challenge and there is support to keep me going!
    c)Love- 45%
    Joy- 42%
    Patience- 26%
    Kindness- 56%
    Faithfulness- 56%
    Gratitude- 30%
    Forgiveness- 50%
    Compassion- 54%
    (… pretty embarrassing scores … although I think the results are pretty right on. I’m a pretty negative person in the inside. I feel I can put on a good show. I volunteer a lot and I do it with a smile on my face but I’m not happy on the inside. I get overwhelmed easily and I have been told I’m highly sensative. I try to please everyone else instead myself which causes me to be unhappy and frustrated.)

    1. Elizabeth,

      Fantastic – I can see that you are ready for change and looking to this as a way to improve your life, your families and become a better you. There will always be support for you Elizabeth. You are welcome to contact me directly via the blog anytime, you want to discuss anything in private or publicly.
      Your scores are balanced which is a good thing because there is always room for improvement and changes within. I would not be too embarrassed about your scores, as this is a turning point in your life and this will give you the direction you may need in order to transform into a better person. You have this wonderful person inside of you, you need to bring her forward and let her shine. She is there. Do not hold onto fear. Use the fear as a motivator to push you forward and become a better you.

      Elizabeth, looking over your scores, you can see that you are kind, faithful, forgiving and compassionate. Though, your love and joy are quite even and may contribute to how you are feeling about yourself and your loved ones. The question one must ask is: Do you love yourself and are you happy with yourself?

      Love begins at home. Joy begins within. Patience learns.

      Negativity is a habit and condition of the mind. I recommend doing the things that make you happy as in what are your hobbies; do like fishing, horse riding, having a family picnic or fun day, attending parties or perhaps reading a good book? So forth…

      The 365 Challenge, you will find gratitude on Day 4 very helpful and fulfilling. Gratitude is important because it reminds us the things in life that are important to us: “And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him”. — Colossians 3.17

      You can visit the Overview page it has all the tasks that are current and frequently updated.

      Elizabeth if you are not happy and putting on a face this may mean you are not happy with what you are doing and perhaps you should change this into something you actually love doing as in, you enjoy taking photos of babies and you make a business out of taking photos of babies for parents, who can have their treasured moments in a complete album. 🙂
      You are doing something you are passionate about, giving value to someone’s life and adding value to your own therefore you are being rewarded in abundance.

      Once, I was overwhelmed myself with work, life, society, relationships and excuses. This feeling let me down and I spiraled very badly about 5 years ago. I was once feeling that low too. But… I do want to ask is, “When have you done something for yourself and took a day or a holiday off to enjoy life?” Sometimes, the overwhelming feeling is a warning to you and your body that you need to take rest and have fun. I believe that feeling overwhelmed may contribute to you feeling highly sensitive and you may be saying your head, “I wish everyone would stop hounding me and just back off” so forth… You know… I am highly sensitive too but I also understand that other people’s problems aren’t my own and people need to vent them. So, you can end up being the punching bag unintentionally. You can put a stop to this right now – if you choose too! Understand that you are NOT a landfill (mind) of junk, and you can control what goes in and out of the landfill (mind). I believe you should think about what you think of yourself rather than worrying about what others think and how to please them instead of you – yourself.

      In order to please… please you first and then others; then everything else will flow to you and through you.

      I will leave you with this wonderful quote about being yourself:
      All my life I had been looking for something, and everywhere I turned someone tried to tell me what it was. I accepted their answers too, though they were often in contradiction and even self-contradictory. I was naïve. I was looking for myself and asking everyone except myself questions which I, and only I, could answer. It took me a long time and much painful boomeranging of my expectations to achieve a realization everyone else appears to have been born with: that I am nobody but myself.” ~Ralph Ellison, “Battle Royal”

      All the best of love and friendship,
      ♥ Ezzy ♥

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