Be a Better You in 365 Days Challenge – DAY 3: Discover Your Inner Self

Welcome everyone! Today is Day 3 of How to Be a Better Person in 365 Days October Challenge! 🙂 Check all tasks to date (Overview)

 It’s official – we now have over 70 participants for 365 Day Challenge.73 participants, to be exact.  This is awesome – with all 73 of us on board, our October is kicking off with a roaring start. For those of who’ve yet to sign up, guess what ­ – you can still sign up. Hurry, you can sign-up via RSS feed, Twitter, subscribe by email (see below) or on wordpress (right column) and also on Facebook, and get started with Day 1’s tasks. Now.

Day 2 Review: Understanding Who You Are

Yesterday we looked at our negative traits. We gained an understanding on why we have those traits. We gained clarity on why we want to change these aspects of ourselves. And we identified baby steps on how we can get started on that right away.

I want to thank all of you for being so earnest, so open, so unadulterated in your sharing. Be it weak communication skills, tardiness, poor time management, lack of self-confidence, procrastination, indecisiveness, a short-temper, laziness, being judgmental, harshness, rudeness, being too serious, fear of making mistakes, selfishness, being critical, lack of focus, being disorganized, clinginess, arrogance, negativity, being anti-social, over sensitivity, it takes awareness and courage to put this out there and admit (to yourself, above all else) that these are areas you need to work on.

Enough with denying, running away, avoiding “ugly” traits about ourselves, because that only perpetuates the problem.  Today marks the point where we live a life of honesty, of truth, of integrity. Today marks the point where we start living true to our highest self, where we become who we’re meant to be.

Now that we’ve laid our undesired traits on the table, today we’re going to create our ideal self.

Ensure you’ve officially signed up for the course and you’ve done Day 1’s Task: Realisation – Who Are You?! and Day 2′s task: Understanding Who Are You?! before you continue on to today’s task.

Gratitude is the best medicine for all pains
Gratitude is the best medicine for all pains

Today’s task will take about 30-45 min.

Have you ever envisioned how your ideal self is like? How is he/she like?

Is he/she someone who is joyous, carefree, always smiling and happy?

Is he/she full of love, always spreading joy and love to everyone around him/her?

Is he/she passionate about life, driven and fueled by a hunger and thirst for betterment?

Is he/she tough, determined, persistent, never to back down in the face of challenges?

Is he/she full of strength and courage, and not afraid to go after all of his goals and dreams?

Is he/she assertive, confident, and not afraid to stand up for what he/she believes in?

Is he/she graceful, beautiful, and full of light?

Is he/she eloquent, sociable, and able to express him/herself freely, without restrain?

Back when I first worked on becoming a better me many years ago, I created an image of my ideal self.

I asked myself the following: What is my ideal self like? What do I see as the highest version of me? What does it mean to me, to be someone who is a 10/10 on a scale 1 to 10.

Your ideal self is someone whom you see as the highest you. What is your ideal self like? What do you see as the highest version of you? What does it mean to be someone who is 10/10? This is what we’re going to do now.

Your Task: Discover Your Inner Self

  1. What is your ideal self like? Describe your inner/ideal self him/her as much as possible. Here are some points to get you started to help you conjure up an image of this person – you do not have to answer them all.
    • What traits does he/she possess?
    • What are his/her values in life?
    • How does your ideal self conduct him/herself around others?
  1. How would you assess this ideal self on a scale of 1-10?
    • It should be a 10/10 – else it’d not be your ideal self!
  2. What are 3 tiny  steps you can start right away to live in line with your ideal self?
    • Take action on them right away!
    • Schedule them in your calendar if they are time-based.

Day 3 Reflection

 Did you learn anything today about your inner/ideal self?

    • This can be about yourself, other people, or other things in life.
    • This can be related/unrelated to the task, inspired by answers by other participants, inspired by the discussions in the community, due to something that happened in your life today that’s outside of 30BBM.
  1. If so, what is it? Write it down.

Share Your Answers!

What is your ideal self like? What traits does he/she possess? What can you start doing today to become your ideal self?

Share your answers with the others in the comments area! Check out others’ comments and share your thoughts! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Be a Better You in 365 Days Challenge – DAY 3: Discover Your Inner Self

  1. Day 3-
    Ideal self- Creative, determined, confident, able to lead
    Values/conducts herself- When creativity strikes her she will not be afraid to show others. She will be confident in her work without others approval and realize a negative reaction is better than no reaction at all. She can speak fluently to others without feeling as though they are judging her with each spoken word. She will stand up tall and speak what she knows to be true without being offensive. She will not feel the need to compare herself to others because she would know God only made one her. She would smile each morning and start the day positively and go to bed each night knowing she did her best!
    assess on scale 1/10- definitely a 10
    3 tiny steps- 1. do a work of art & hang it in my livingroom with pride
    2. start on my son’s IEP so I can be confident and knowledgable at the meeting.
    3. give myself 5 minutes at night to think about things I didn’t do and then let it go.
    Learned- I’ve been very aware, since beginning this challenge, of my negative comments and how often I say them. Yesterday, we had a busy day and I made a conscious effort to keep my comments positive. Even with the chaos of the day I felt very happy, a little tired, but I went to bed with a smile on my face!
    The bad part of yesterday … I wore pink lipstick! I thought it looked great on me but I kept questioning if everyone else was thought I looked dumb. I kept it on all day though! I truly admire the people who can wear their hair blue or green, or hats, or anything that allows them to show their personally in an offbeat way. The good part about feeling like this was realizing how much I need to work on my self confidence. If I believe something looks great isn’t that all that matters?
    I also did my baby steps of Day 2 and felt great! I had been putting that laundry for about a week! I’m glad I got it done. Also, going into my bedroom instead of blowing up has worked wonders! I’m still able to vent without doing it on my family. I came out of my room and felt very refreshed!

    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      WOW – thank you for sharing. This is fantastic!

      Absolutely, I believe you are determined, creative, confident, loving and a leader. Believe you are these things because you are those things. You can be whatever you want. Let nothing hold you back. Your limitations are what you have built to keep you back from your real self.

      Elizabeth, I believe you should look back at what you wrote about yourself on values/conducts… This is who you really are and how you see yourself. You have the answers within. Keep (what you wrote) somewhere where you can always review and see it because this is very special and a reminder of whom you are.

      If you are creative as you mentioned, hanging your art up around your home will definitely inspire you, motivate you and you will want to keep going with whatever you are doing at the present.

      I am very impressed that you are creating awareness of your negative comments and thoughts and you are taking the steps to correct them.

      At the end of the day Elizabeth, when you wipe off the lipstick, it’s what you think about you not what other people think. I believe you said it like no other: “If I believe something looks great isn’t that all that matters?” – Absolutely!

      I wish you all the best in becoming a better you. Keep up the great work you are doing exceptional.

      Ezzy ♥ ♥

      P.s – sorry my reply is somewhat late! xx

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