Bombshell Butt Workout

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Bombshell Butt Workout

Today’s workout comes to you from Prague 🙂  We have two videos for you guys today. The first is a very short clip of Zuzana doing the workout – pushing hard so you can see the intensity required and the flow of the routine. Watch this one first. The second video is a tutorial that goes over each exercise and shows modifications for beginners and variations for those of you who don’t have the equipment. Part of getting the most out of your workout is doing the exercises properly – you want maximum benefits for your time and effort, so let Zuzana coach you through by watching the videos.

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Best,  Freddy & Zuzana @

Tutorial to get You Started:

Workout Breakdown

Time: 15min. |Workout Type: Intervals & Challenge |Exercises: 5
  • Ugi Jump Twist and Pop max.reps
  • Reverse Push Up max.reps
  • Side Lunge Twist (left side) max.reps
  • Side Lunge Twist (right side) max.reps
  • Ugi Plank Jacks max.reps

Instructions:  All exercises are explained in the video tutorial above including easier variations for beginners.  This is a 15 minute long workout that combines 10 minutes of  Interval Training and 5 minutes of exercise challenge.

And lets do one Burpee for Erin as always at the end of our workout! See the full workout @

All Best for your training 🙂