Be a Better You in 365 Days Challenge – DAY 8: Connect With Someone

This is Day 6-7 of How to Be a Better Person in 365 Days October 2011 Challenge. View list of tasks: 365 Challenge Overview

Welcome to Day 8 of How to Be a Better Person in 365 Days Challenge! 🙂

We’re now heading into Week 2 of the Challenge (357 days to go) 😉 It’s been only 1 week of the Challenge, and so many of you have gained incredible and amazing insights that is absolutely awesome.

On Day 1, we started off 365 Challenge Realising who we are, and identified and we are at in our lives. We also listed things we wanted to work on about ourselves.

On Day 2, we looked into understanding we are – we identified 3-7 key traits we wanted to work on this month, and looked into why we wanted to change these traits, as well as what we could start doing to change them around.

On Day 3, we Discovered our inner selves– creating a crystal clear image of how we want our ideal persona to be, right down to the traits and values.

On Day 4, we embarked on our first Day of Virtues, which is on Gratitude. On this day, we were a beacon of light to everyone around us, touching them with kind gratitude from the depth of our hearts.

Then on Day 5 which was our last official task of the week, we created a better person board, capturing the essence of what it means to be our ideal self in text and images – such that we’ll be constantly reminded of our vision for our highest self, even when we’re busy with our daily lives.

On Days 6-7, it was a weekend break to give everyone a chance to rest, regroup and catch-up. I also posted a set of feedback questions to gather your topline thoughts of the 1st week of 365 Challenge so far. Thank YOU to all of you who took the time to share your feedback for the first week! I really appreciate it – your feedback will go a long way to making this course an even better course in the next 3 weeks.

I hope you’ve had a great rest over the weekend, because it’s now a new week ahead with new tasks to be a better us. Are you ready? Let’s now kick off Week 2 of How to Be a Better Person in 365 Days Challenge!

Day 8 – Connecting with Someone: Call a Friend


“True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation.” George Washington

When was the last time you connected with someone in your neighborhood? Perhaps a stranger, someone you work with, someone you once knew but never kept in contact with, or someone you love that you have not spoken in a very long time. I can bet they are hanging out for you to just reach, lend a hand and hear your voice.

In today’s world, many of us are busy with so many things. Earning money. Working in our jobs. Keeping deadlines in check. Meeting new people. Managing our responsibilities.

In the midst of all this busyness, many of us forget to keep in touch with our friends. Friends who have been with us through thick and thin; who have been giving to us all along, who are always there for us when we need them.

These are friends that are hard to come by, yet we don’t appreciate them the way we should. We always sort of just assumed they’ll be there for us the whole time. Yet, is it right for us to do that?

Today’s task is very simple – call a friend/connect with someone and get in touch with him/her!

Today’s Task

  1. Identify a friend you haven’t connected with in a while. Remember 365 Challenge tasks are about pushing yourself. Which means even if you called/met up/arranged to meet-up with friends over the weekend (before reading Day 8′s task), those do not count as part of Day 8′s task. Think about someone else, someone new whom you can call to connect. We do not have just 2-3 friends to connect only – there are many people in our life whom we can reach out to! It’s about being conscious of our connections.
  2. Give him/her a call sometime today. Catch up with him/her. Let the conversation flow and take it from there.
  3. Post a comment in today’s task on who you’re going to call and why you selected to call him/her, as a commitment to today’s task. Return later in the day to update on how the call went.

Besides the act of calling a friend, be sure to uphold the following virtues (in 101 Ways To Be a Better Person) while connecting with him/her:

  1. Compassion/Kindness (Trait #28) – Look for opportunities where you can be of help. Is he/she facing any problems at the moment? Is he/she dealing with any challenge? What can you do to make things better?
  2. Empathy (Trait #39) – When your friend is sharing something with you, understand it from his/her perspective. If he/she is sharing a problem he/she is facing, feel the pain he/she is feeling. If he/she is sharing good news, then feel the happiness and joy.
  3. Be Emotionally Generous (Trait #38) – Be a positive source of energy throughout the conversation. If you see something that’s good, point it out. If you recognize something he/she is doing well/right, then compliment him/her. If he/she is in a fix, then encourage him/her. The more giving you are with your emotions, the better.

Day 8 Reflection for 365 Challenge

  1. Is there anything you learned today?
  2. If so, what is it? Write it down.

Share Your Answers!

Who did you select to connect with? How was the call? How well were you able to uphold the virtues of compassion/kindness, empathy and emotional generosity? How did you feel after connecting with your friend?


10 thoughts on “Be a Better You in 365 Days Challenge – DAY 8: Connect With Someone

  1. it is not an easy task just because we dont have to do anything extra ( as we did it in character board or other tasks where we asked ourselves many questions). all of my friends are busy with their lives some hunting jobs, others working for an employer, studying further…this is perhaps true even for my relatives. so i must find out what i can do today. ❓

    1. Hi Sharika, I think no matter how busy one is, surely there’s time for them to answer a phone call? It doesn’t have to be a 1-hour chat – even 10 minutes of catch-up is fine. I don’t think the receiver would be that unreasonable to reject speaking to someone for 5-10 minutes just because he/she is *that* busy. I just called a few friends yesterday – including a long time friend (had almost an hour long chat) and another friend for a 5-10 minutes quick catch-up, where they got updated on what I’ve been up to, and I got updated on what they’ve been busy with too. Both are busy with their own things (as am I), but because there’s the intention to call and connect, they very gladly received the intention and reciprocated. 🙂

      1. Thank you Ezzy. 🙂 I got the message behind the task and i will try to connect with my friends and folk when ever i can. Especially the ones who really matter to me.

  2. Yehey! im done :dance:
    Just called my high school best friend over lunch break. We had a long talk. And i realized how much i missed her. She’s still the same, we’re still the same old buddies…how we talk about things. We scheduled to meet up one of these days for a longer talk :mrgreen:

    I’m really glad to be part of this course 😉

    Thanks Ezzy!

    1. Aw that’s so sweet Di! I’m happy that you got to catch up with your high school best friend and that both of you even scheduled a meet-up to connect further. 😀

  3. Hey guys.

    Sent an email to an old friend i haven’t seen in over a year. Hopefully we can arrange a Skype chat later today. I’ll let you know how it goes 😀

  4. Hi Mato,
    Amazing! I believe Skype is a fantastic way to keep in contact with someone especially if they live across the globe or you haven’t seen them like in over a year. Plus, you can see them via video which is always good the heart and connect. A Picture says over a thousand words.

    Love to hear how it goes for you Mato. Thank you for sharing! 😛

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