Be a Better You in 365 Days Challenge – DAY 9: Just Do it!

This is Day 9 of How to Be a Better Person in 365 Days (365 Challenge) October 2011 Challenge. View list of tasks: 365 Challenge Overview

 Welcome to Day 9 of How to Be a Better Person in 365 Days Challenge!

I have created an overview page, where you can easily access the 365 Challenge tasks. I’ll be updating it as we progress through the challenge!

Currently, it seems that many are working their way through Days 1-5 tasks – it fine! For those who are still doing that, catch-up as quickly as possible – many of the tasks take 30 minutes’ or so, and you can finish a few by just giving yourself an 1-2 hour(s) in your evening to do them – its important that you do as it will help you with the upcoming tasks.

 Yesterday, our challenge task was to connect with someone. I read your comments and many of you had the most synchronous experiences doing the task! Some of you called friends you have not kept in touch for a while, and had a great time reconnecting with them. Some of you discovered critical information during your calls, which you would never have known if you never called.  Some of you shared compassion, kindness and gratitude as your friends opened up about some problems they are facing at the moment.

 The point of Day 8′s task is to connect with people, not specifically about using the phone to contact others. Calling was suggested as it’s something you can do right away within the day, allows for real-time conversation, creates a certain proximity (over online communication, since you can hear each other’s voice and sense each other’s presence), while not overly intrusive – i.e. you can call for a quick chat without pre-arranging, unlike face-to-face meet-ups.

 The point of yesterday’s task is to drive home the beauty of regularly connecting with people in our lives, and not leave things to chance. Don’t ever take your relationships for granted. Don’t assume people are still in the same place in their life as when you last talked to them. Make the effort to maintain your friendships. This is the starting point of building genuine, true friendships in our life. I hope all of you have gained something from the task, and will make an effort to continue to keep in touch with your friends in the future.

That said; let’s move to today’s task!

 Day 9 –Just do It: Procrastination

 Today’s task will take about 30-45 minutes.

 Is there something you’ve been wanting to do, but procrastinating on?

During Day 2′s task, we identified our negative traits. Interestingly, many of you identified procrastination as something you want to remove.

Really, what’s procrastination? And why address it?

Procrastination- the act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention: She was smart, but her constant procrastination led her to be late with almost every assignment. This is the dictionary version, but let’s examine procrastination further…

 Procrastination is the act of deferring action, usually until it’s too late or when action absolutely has to be taken. With procrastination, there’s often a lot of anxiety, mental anguish, self-created emotional trauma, negativity, etc associated with it. The procrastinator would often feel the pressure to have to do something, but keep creating reasons to delay action. In the end, what happens is that even though nothing is happening in reality, there’s this huge emotional battle that goes on in the person’s mind, usually to the person’s own detriment.

 To me, I see procrastination as a total waste of energy. I think if there’s something that you either have to do or want to do, do it as soon as you can and move on to the next thing. If there’s something that you don’t want to do and brings you a lot of negativity just thinking about it, then remove it from your life – or at least make plans for that to be removed in the near future. Straddling yourself between doing and not doing just creates strain on yourself that’s just not necessary, and can be absolutely avoided.

 To truly address procrastination, you’ve to first understand that procrastination is merely a symptom of an issue. As long as you keep saying “I want to overcome procrastination”, you’ll ironically not address it, ever. It’s just like saying “I want to stop having mosquito bites” and trying to solve the problem by buying a lot of insect repellents and creams for insect bites. You will never solve the issue, because the problem is not with the mosquito bites – it’s with the mosquitoes, and even then that’s not the root of the issue. The mosquitoes first came from a breeding ground, in which the breeding ground came to exist because there was poor house keeping practices.

In today’s task, we’re going to explore procrastination.

Today’s Task: Just Do It! No Procrastination.

Take out a new piece of paper.

  1. Identify something you’ve been putting off in the past week/month/years.
    • It can be procrastination in any area of your life – be it health and fitness (losing weight, for example), relationships (finding love, making new friends), career and business (working on the upcoming project, finding new clients, doing a report, etc), working on your passion, and so on.
    • State specifically what it is that you’re procrastinating on, e.g. writing a romance novel you got the idea for a few years ago and have been meaning to start, but for some reason have not.
    • It should ideally be something that has significance to you to make this exercise more meaningful.
  2. Answer this question: Why am I procrastinating on this?
    • For every answer that comes up, keep asking “Why?” and go deeper into the answer.. It’s to get into the root cause vs. effects of what’s causing the issue.
    • Keep drilling into your answers until you gain a sudden realization you never had before on the issue.
  3. Now, with the insights you obtained in #2, identify the top reasons why you want to do this task.
    • These are the deepest, highest motivators for your goal – the very reason why you even bother doing any of this to begin with.
  4. Create your action plan/Just do it Plan to bring this goal to life!

Your action plan should have clear next steps and timelines with the next steps. Day 9 Reflection for 365 Day Challenge.

  1. Is there anything you learned today?
  2. If so, what is it? Write it down.

Share Your Answers!

What is the task you’ve been procrastinating on? Did you find out why you’ve been procrastinating on it? What are you going to do about it moving forward? 😉


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