For The Haters Workout

Hi BodyRockers,

This is just a reminder not to let anything or anyone bring you down. No matter how focused you are on bringing about positive changes in yourself, it is almost a rite of passage to encounter those people who will dump on you or attempt in a variety of ways to ridicule you for making different choices that support your health goals and training. Don’t be discouraged – this is simply a test that everyone must pass to continue the training. Most often the biggest arseholes that we encounter in life can be our greatest teachers. They are there to test our mettle – to teach us compassion, to show us some strength inside of ourselves that we must access to pass their test and move forward in strength and with confidence. If people scoff at you or (sometimes even worse) make little jokes at your expense because you have chosen to train and not sit in front of the TV – please understand that it’s all just a test – keeping yourself centered and calm in the face of all these little slaps and provocations is teaching you a different kind of inner strength to match the new strength that you are bringing to your body.

Best, Freddy & Zuzana @


Watch the video above to see the exercise combo and easier variations for beginners.

This challenge is only 10 minutes long, but if you push yourself at your max. effort it will wipe you out. Trust me 🙂 Set your Interval Timer to count down 10 minutes for you and your goal is to complete as many sets of the full body exercise combo as humanly possible. I used my purple ball for this challenge and completed 40 sets. You guys can try to beat my record 😉